The Gifted Child

Chapter 10 - Now What?

As Taylor was led down the long hallways he looked around curiously yet nervously. It looked a lot different than when he was five. This place was huge. He noticed many doors that looked to be made of reinforced metal of some kind. He remembered seeing the outside of his door when Daniel brought him out. He saw that the door looked like a regular wooden door. It was slighty off-white rather than the gray color of the metal doors. After walking for a few minutes and seeing all these doors he figured that the only doors that looked like his were the rooms where the patients stay. More like the cells where the prisoners stay. He looked desperately for another door like his own but found none. Nothing but cold, cruel looking metal doors. He frowned. He wanted so very much to see his father, even for a second. To know he was ok.

Suddenly Daniel stopped, "We're here."
Taylor stood looking at one of the cold metal doors. He saw Daniel slide his card through the slot by the door and heard it beep. For a brief moment, Taylor saw himself at five standing in front of a door much like this one. He shook the thought away as Daniel put his hand on his back and gently pushing him into the room. But to Taylor's surprise the room looked much different than the one they took him to the very first time when he was five. This room was small with a table sitting in the middle of it. Taylor gave a confused look.
"Where are we?" he asked Daniel, still looking around the tiny room.
"The testing room," Daniel stated. Taylor was now more confused.
"I don't understand. What could I possibly do in here? It's too small. If I even tried to use my power in here I'd probably destroy something."
"You aren't going to be doing a whole lot right now so just stop worrying, ok?" Daniel replied, wishing Taylor would stop asking so many questions. He motioned toward the table.
"Now just sit down and we'll begin shortly."
Taylor gave him a questioning look but obeyed and and sat down.
Taylor looked towards Daniel.
"What is this anyways, a Q&A session?" Taylor asked innocently.
Daniel nodded, getting a tad bit annoyed by all the questions.
"Something like that, yes. So just sit here and we'll start soon."
He then pointed towards Taylor's right to a mirror along the wall.
"That is a two-way mirror. You can't see out of it but there are people on the other side that can see you. I'm leaving the room for a moment and I want you to behave yourself ok?"
Taylor looked at him and nodded.
"Good boy!" Daniel said and then walked towards the door turning around.
"Remember Taylor, no funny business." With that he left the room.

Taylor sat with his hands on the table wondering what in the world they wanted him to do. Slowly and cautiously he looked to his right at the mirror. He saw his reflection. He licked his lips wondering if Daniel was only trying to scare him. Slowly, he got up and walked over to the mirror. Still nothing but a reflection. He licked his lips again as he slowly raised his hand and placed it on the glass. He jumped as an image appeared before him. He saw men and women in white lab coats looking at machines and some looking at the mirror. He snapped back to reality as he took his hand away. He swallowed hard. He slowly backed up towards the chair and sat down looking straight ahead and away from the mirror. This was real. He knew they wanted him to do something but what? What could they possibly have him do in such a small room? He began to shake thinking of the things he had done and what he may do.
"Oh God help me! What do they want me to do?" He whispered, wanting to cry.


Daniel walked into the room next to where Taylor was. He looked at the window and could see Taylor sitting there.
"Are we ready?" He asked looking at Jacob.
Jacob turned towards the room.
"Are we ready everyone?"
"Yes sir." They said in unison.
Jacob turned around.
"All set."
He noticed Daniel was looking at the window funny. He too turned around and saw Taylor standing in front of it.
"What is he doing?"
They saw Taylor touch the glass and jump. A few seconds later he took his hand a away and fearfully sit back down.
Daniel gave a confused look.
"What the heck was that all about?"
Jacob turned to him.
"I don't know but I have a feeling he knows we're here."
"Good! Now maybe he'll listen for a change."
"Daniel. Give the kid a break. Because if he gets too nervous to perform or he becomes incooperative I'm holding you responsible. Understand?"
Daniel sighed, "Yes sir."
"Good. Now, let's begin shall we?" Jacob said walking towards the door with Daniel and Sheila close behind.


Taylor sat at the table still looking straight ahead. He was extremely nervous and just wanted to find his father and go home. He jumped when the door behind him opened, but he did not turn around. He heard the door close again as a man in a white lab coat came to stand next to him. The man stood there for a few moments but did not speak. Taylor did not look up hoping he could delay the inevitable.

Finally the man spoke.
"Hello Taylor. You may or may not remember me but I have worked with you before. I'm Jacob Grant. Now, I want to run a few simple tests just to see what you can and can't do with this power of yours. If you successfully complete these tests you will be expected to move onto bigger and more important tests. Do you understand?"
Taylor did not answer, rather he just continued to look straight ahead.
"Listen Taylor. I don't want to hurt you. I only wish to find out more about you. I can't do that if you don't cooperate though. I'm going to need to ask you some questions so you will need to speak. Ok? Now, I want you to do your very best with these tests. Do you understand?"
Taylor sighed, "Yeah. Yeah I understand."
"Good," Jacob said smiling, "Now do you have any questions?"
Taylor looked at him this time, "Yeah, why?"
"Why what?" Jacob asked, confusion clear on his face.
"Why are you doing this? What do you want from us?" Taylor asked looking Jacob in the eyes. "We're not just some stupid lab experiment. We're people. And right now we're prisoners. Why can't you just let us go?"
Jacob sighed, "I'm afraid we can't do that Taylor. Letting the two of you leave here without proper testing could be disasterous. Just look at what happened a few years ago. We can't let that happen again. That is why we have to analyse this power of yours and find out what causes it so that we can prevent disasters like that from happening again. We can't let you lose control of your powers anymore."
Taylor felt hurt and angry. How could this man think he did what he did on purpose.
"That wasn't my fault. The only reason I lost control was because you people pushed me over the edge. I have never lost control like that at any other time in my life. If anything, me being here is more dangerous than being at home with my family. When I'm there I have no reason to use my power and no one is forcing me to use it. But when I'm here, I have every reason to use it."
"That may have been true in the past but not anymore. We are going to make sure you are treated well here. Both you and your father. If you're ever not comfortable just let us know and we'll take care if it. Ok?"
"Yeah right," Taylor mumbled, not believing one word this man said. And what reason did he have to believe them? They had never told him the truth before. Why start now?
Jacob sat on the edge of the table.
"Listen Taylor, I know you probably don't believe me but I am telling the truth. We don't want to hurt you. Like I told you before we only wish to find out more about you and your father. We are very curious about these powers of yours. We want to know how they work."
Taylor looked at him again, full of frustration.
"Well did you ever think about asking us? I mean come on. You kidnap us and hold us against our will and we're supposed to think you did it because you want to be our friends? Give me a break. How would you feel if someone put you in this position? You'd be scared to. So forgive me if I'm a little skeptical about you 'just wanting to know more about us'. About 'just wanting to be our friends'. Because it's hard to believe that when your being held prisoner and forbidden to see your father or any of your family for that matter." Jacob just looked at Taylor, shocked at what he said. He didn't know what to say. He knew this boy would never go along with this.
As if to prove a point, at that moment, Taylor proved his theory.
"I'll never cooperate with you. You don't deserve the satisfaction."
Jacob sighed and looked hard at Taylor. Then with out words, he stood up and walked out of the door followed by Daniel. Taylor heard the door shut and felt miserable. He sighed and layed his head his in folded arms, hiding his face. He knew people were watching so he tried to keep his tears to a minimum. He was sick of crying but just couldn't help it anymore. What would happen now? God only knew but Taylor had a feeling he would be using his power one way or another.
"Why God? Why is this happening to us?" he whispered. His body shook with sobs but he didn't care. He just let the tears fall. It seemed to ease the pain a little. He continued to sob as his tears came faster and faster. It was gonna be a long day.


Jacob, Daniel and Sheila stood out in the hallway.
Jacob sighed, "What are we going to do with him? That boy just won't cooperate."
"I don't know," Daniel answered, "But he had better start cooperating soon or I'll make him cooperate."
Jacob sighed, "Daniel! I don't want to hear it. I really dont." Jacob heard his watch beep and looked at it, "Sheila go give Mr. Hanson his medication."
"Already?" she asked timidly, "Isn't it to soon. Maybe we should give him a little more time in between dosages. That medication is having a pretty strong effect on him."
Jacob looked at her.
"Look, I don't won't him cooperating with his son while we are trying to test him. Any other time we'll spread the dosages out, but right now I want him sedated. Ok?"
She sighed, "Yes sir." With that she began walking away.
"And I want you to come right back here. I want to begin testing him as soon as possible, stubborn or not."
Sheila nodded as she rounded a corner while Daniel and Jacob continued to talk.


Mr. Hanson sighed as he sat on his bed, a cold, soggy breakfast in front of him. He had tried to eat but only managed about half before it made him sick. His head still throbbed and didn't seem to be letting up at all. He had never felt such pain before. Not only his head, but in his heart as well. His heart ached for his wife and children. He wanted so very badly to just be able to go home to his family. To forget this ever happened to them. He knew his wife was probably sick with worry and that the kids were scared to death. Poor Zac. He had to see them get captured. He wasn't worried though. He somehow knew that he got away alright. It wasn't so much his power telling him this, but his fatherly instinct. Zac was a clever boy and he knew it. He could outsmart the best of them. But he wasn't worried about that now. He was really worried about Taylor. What were they doing to him? What were they making him do? Was he safe? Was he well? Was he hurt? Mr. Hanson wished with all his heart and soul that he could just break down the barrier this medication seemed to cause and get his power to work again. He wanted so much to contact his son and tell him it would be ok. That some how they would escape again. But no matter how much he tried it just made his head hurt worse and seemed to make the barrier stronger. He sighed as he put his face into his right hand.
"Oh God, what's happening to me? What have they done to me? Is this what they're doing to my son? Oh God, I just want to know. Please, I have to know," he said in a whisper as he too began to cry. At that moment he heard the familiar electronic beep and the door opened.

Sheila walked in and her heart sank. There in front of her was a grown man sobbing like a little boy. She closed the door but he still didn't look up.
She cleared her throat, "Mr.Hanson?" she said timidly.
He looked up at her with such pain in his eyes that it broke her heart. Why were these people being so cruel to them? She looked down at the tray in front of her at the medication. She did not want to make him take anymore but had no choice. She looked back up at the man in front of her and saw him looking at the tray. He looked hurt and depressed. He then looked at her and then back to the bed.
"Why? Why are making me take so much?" he said, his voice sounding weak, hurt, confused.
"I'm sorry sir, I have my orders," she said gently setting the tray down on the table next to him.
"What kind of orders make a person take this much medication? Is this even safe?" he said looking at her again.
"I'm sorry sir, but like I said before I'm not authorized to give out that information."
Mr. Hanson sighed and rubbed his face with his hands.Sheila picked up the pills and some water.
"Um, I was told to give you this."
She was nervous. She felt bad for having to put the poor man through this.
Mr. Hanson sighed, "Alright. What choice do I have. I mean I wouldn't want you to get in trouble. You're the only one treating me like a real person."
Sheila smiled slightly as he took the pill. When he was done she took the glass and the breakfast tray. "Well, I'm just trying to make you feel comfortable.
"Thank you," Mr. Hanson said weakly, yet truthfully.
"You're welcome."
With that, she began to leave but as she open the door Mr. Hanson turned to her.
"Please," she looked up at him, "If you hear anything about my son, please tell me. I have to know."
She saw such pleading in the poor man's eyes. She smiled and nodded.
"I'll do my best."
"Thank you so much and God Bless You. I think if there wasn't someone like you around here I'd go crazy. You are probably the only one keeping from going out of my skull and doing whatever it takes to get my son back. Although that doesn't mean I won't do that eventually. Thank you."

Sheila nodded again and quickly left the room. Once the door was closed she leaned on it. Oh how she hated to lie. She hated what these poeple were doing to them. But what choice did she have? She sighed as tears flowed down her cheeks.
"Oh God forgive me. I don't know what to do."
She felt so horrible for being involve in this, especially since he was being so nice to her. She just wished she could figure out a way to get Mr. Hanson and Taylor together again and get them out. She stood, crying, hoping and praying for some way out of this.

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