Celebrity Wall Flower

Chapter 9 - Taylor's POV

We got into her car and I sat in the passenger's seat nervously.
"So…where exactly would you guys be?" the girl said, turning to look at me as she started the car.
"Uh…right about now…we would be finishing up a photo shoot and headed to out next concert." I answered.
"What time is it?" She said almost frantically.
"The time now or the concert?" I asked bewildered.
"The concert!" She exclaimed.
"Uh…seven." I said.
"SHIT!" She yelled and pulled out of the parking spot at top speed, nearly missing behind hit by another car.


"Do you normally drive like this?" I asked hanging onto the dashboard for dear life.
"No! We have to get to that concert!" She yelled as she drove along.
"Where is it?!" She yelled
"Connecticut." I answered. She sighed defeatedly.
"Listen, go into my glove box…there's a map in there. Tell me the way." She said, pointing.
"All right."
"You have to get your body back." She added.
"You're telling me." I answered.

We rode for what seemed forever and to tell, I definitely feared for my safety considering the speed she was going at. I glanced at the clock, noting that it was almost 6:30 and we were just getting into the venues' parking lot. Not surprisingly, there were already cars everywhere and I could feel myself start to panic.
"We're never going to get in here…" I heard her mutter quietly.
"You said that I had to get my body back and that's what I'm going to do!" I said angrily, causing her to turn and look at me.
"Fine, but how so you propose we go and do that?" She said, putting her hands on her hops.
"Uh…I'm not really sure…actually." I mumbled.
"Wait…do you have a cell phone or a pager?" She suddenly said.
"Not on me…" I said, looking at the body I was in.
"No…no. Do YOU have anything like that…meaning your body?" She said, sighing in an annoyed tone.
"Yeah! Why?" I questioned.
"Well call your cell and Phyllis will pick up…hopefully…and she'll get us in." She said matter of factly.
"You sure?" I asked, not sure if her plan would work.
"Doesn't hurt to try." She grinned. She pulled out her back pocket, a cell phone and I dialed the number, praying that Phyllis would pick it up.
"Please answer the phone…"

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