Celebrity Wall Flower

Chapter 8 - Phyllis' POV

I ranted and raved for a good fifteen minutes before Zac and Ike bodily took me into the dressing room.
"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Isaac screamed in my face.
"Just one photo shoot…just one! What is your problem!" He yelled.
"Doesn't is seem a little odd, you're yelling at me when really it should be them you should be yelling at?" I said calmly, crossing my arms over my chest.
"Okay…okay…I'm going to stay calm about this…" Isaac began to say as he turned his back and began to take deep breaths.
"Listen Tay…"
"How many times do. I have to tell you people…that's not my name…" I grumbled.
"Never mind that…listen…its' not that we don't appreciate you making sure we're included in our own band photos…but you didn't have to insult those girls and have a temper tantrum. I…actually we don't know what's going on with you…but you don't seem yourself today…" Zac started to say.
"That's exactly it! I'm not me…I mean…I'm not Taylor…I'm Phyllis…none of you understand!" I said angrily.
"Okay, either this is finally catching up with you and you're having a mental break down or there's something we should know." Zac stated and sat down in a chair across from me.
"Okay…okay…let me explain…but don't interrupt even if you think I've lost it." I began to say. Suddenly, Isaac turned around and got himself a seat.
"I know it seems odd, hell, I'm freaked out myself but you have to believe me…I'm not Taylor…and I don't mean metaphorically or anything. My name's Phyllis…I'm a girl and I live in New York. I know I look like Taylor but I'm not." I said and sighed. They both just stared at me as if I was an alien.
"Fine…don't believe me." I said angrily and threw my hands up in the air.
"No…no…it's just…well…go on." Isaac spoke up.
"I'm five foot one, dirty blond hair…green eyes…" I began to say and pulled my eyelid down to show them.
"And I'm not your brother. I don't even have siblings." I answered.
"So…do you believe me?" I asked, searching their eyes.
"I believe you." Zac answered and smiled.
"And you…Isaac…do you believe me?" I questioned, turning my attention to him. He narrowed his eyes at me for a second then smiled.
"I believe you."
"You're not bullshitting me…right?" I questioned. They both glanced at each other.
"No." They said in unison.
"Thank GOD!" I sighed in relief.
"Tay would never call me Isaac…"
"Or day bull shit like that…" Isaac and Zac said. I just smiled awkwardly.
"So…how exactly did this happen, may I ask?" Isaac questioned.
"I'm not really sure. I met you guys yesterday…when he came up to me, he shook my hand and that's all I remember." I answered.
"All you guys did was shake hands…I don't get it." Zac said, with a puzzled look.
"I don't get it either. I just hope that he hasn't gotten me fired from my job or anything." I muttered.
"What do you do?" Isaac asked.
"I hostess at a restaurant. I answered.
"Oh…I think Tay can handle that. You know…this is just so strange…it's like you are Tay…but you're not." Zac spoke up, scratching his temple in mock confusion.
"Do you have any idea how strange it is for me?" I said, laughing at the absurdity of it all.
"Really…what's it like being out of your own body?" Zac asked as he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees so as to listen better.
"Unreal. I feel like I'm a giraffe because I was only five foot one and being a guy…well…that's definitely been weird." I said, rolling my eyes.
"I imagine Tay is having a fun time." Zac laughed.
"Please tell me, he wouldn't be that perverted with my body…" I said, a little frightened.
"No…no…he would never." Isaac said, waving his hands.
"Good." I said, taking a sigh of relief.
"Well, can we now finish the photo shoot, now that you're calmed down?" Isaac asked as he got up from his seat.
"As long as I don't have to do anything ridiculous." I answered. Isaac just smiled and shook his head.

We walked back out and I took a deep breath to calm myself. The photographer was almost shocked that I came out. I immediately walked over to him, smiling.
"I apologize for my behavior, it's just I don't feel comfortable doing what you were asking, I would like to start over. I haven't been myself lately." I said, smiling.
"R…Really? You'll give me another chance." He stuttered.
"I'm asking for you to give me another chance." I laughed.
"Of course. Just do anything you feel…is there anything you want…my assistant will be more than happy…" He began to ramble.
"No…no…that's not necessary…just could we not have the girls?" I smiled.
"Anything you want."
"And…I want his…I mean my brothers standing next to me…uh…could Isaac have a guitar and…Zac…could ha have his drum sticks?" I asked.
"Definitely! Hey! Guitar and drum sticks! Right away!" The photographer yelled over my head to his assistant who immediately ran in the opposite direction to fetch any and everything the photographer wanted.
"Anything else?" He asked.
"No…this is fine…actually, how about a tambourine?" I grinned.
"Sure." He smiled back.

We finished the photo shoot successfully and I felt proud of myself that I didn't wreck it for Taylor. I found that I was actually perspiring surprisingly. I shook hands with the photographer and followed Taylor's brothers out to the awaiting bus. I felt tired and worn out for some odd reason but knew that I couldn't just lay around. I had to some how convince them to take us to my house. I had to find my body.

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