A New Found Freedom

Chapter 8 - Tall, Blond, and Stupid

-Tay and Ike-

"AHHHHHHH! Lemme go! Please! I want Ike! Lemme down!" Tay continued his pleas as the large Raggenii took him towards the building where he was first caged. The being set him down for a moment, took his face in her hands, then slapped his mouth hard to make him shut up. But, being a Raggenii, she had massive arm strength and her smack sent Tay toppling to the ground and he started to cry again as she lifted him up and roughly threw him into a stall on his injured leg. He bit his tongue to keep from screaming in agony when he hit. When she left, he decided to cry all over again.
"Where's Ike!?" He started to panic when a voice broke through the haze the hit had given him.

"Tay!! Oh man... Tay are you okay? Come here!" Taylor's head jerked sharply to the left as he heard his brother's question. He hastily scrambled over the floor to Ike's waiting face.
"Tay! What happened to your face?"
Tay grabbed at his lip and chin and felt a sticky wetness and shuddered.
"That bitch slapped me cause I was yellin'. How bad is it?"
"She hit you!?"
"I shit you not!! Look at my face! Now, how bad is it?" Tay asked again.
"Well, it doesn't look too bad. Come 'ere." Ike gestured with his heavily callused hands. He grabbed his brother's face in his hands and tried to see beneath the blood, but couldn't so he scooped up some water from his trough to clean it off. Taylor hissed through his teeth but didn't say anything.
"There... it's not too bad. Looks like I'm gonna win first place after all!" Ike stated grinning ear to ear.
"No. No... see I still win cause these here," he pointed to his new cuts. "Are to enhance my manly status. The judges'll see that! They'll be able to tell it's proof that I can't take a hit, and still look like a stud." Taylor finished, laying back into his "straw" pile.
Ike chuckled and leaned his head against the cool metal bars that held him in his temporary prison. His thought's drifted, as they often had lately, to earlier that day when he heard some one. He coulda swore he heard his name yelled, then Hanson too. He couldn't see where it came from, but he just shrugged it off. Now he was wondering if some weirdo fan spotted him on Kuat.
"Just the place to meet a fan! Or not."
While thinking, Ike had settled into his straw bed, but suddenly, so suddenly he caused Taylor to jump. He sat up and went pale.
"Was that Zac?" Ike flew to the front of his pen to see an alien shove a guy with long blond hair around a corner and heard the slam of a metal door and the same guy walkin by a moment later.
"Ike? What's up? IKE! Tall blond and stupid! Hey!!!! Ike!?" Tay couldn't seem to get his attention. "If it's some chick, get over it! She's mine!"
In a dull expressionless voice, Ike then said, "I think that was Zac.."
He faintly heard his younger brother gasp and ask where, so he pointed towards the left and said, "He went around a corner. Some guy had him on a leash."
"Should we yell for him? See if it's really Zac?" Taylor continued to question Ike.
"Ike..IKE! Dude, get your dumbass outta the clouds for a minute!" Tay growled out the last part, ready to tear Ike's head off for not listening.
"It was him. It was him today." Ike mumbled out.
"Huh? Who? Ike! What? IKE!!!!" Tay started whining trying to get his attention. Finally, he opted for a pebble to the head. Searching the floor for a suitable rock, he soon found one, and taking careful aim, he chucked it at his brother's head.
"Yes, direct hit!"
"Owe, son of a..Tay! What was that for?"
"To get your attention! Now, do you wanna yell and get his attention or what?"
Rubbing his forehead, Ike nodded.
"Feel free to get stun whipped, even if it's Zac. I don't wanna get hit over it!"
"Yeah. Yeah, maybe you're right. Should we play 'pass it along' to get a message to him?"
"Who knows? What if some nut fan's out there and finds out? Then they start screaming or something. No, we should just yell." Ike stated looking serious.
"Well..I dunno. I mean... what if it isn't him and we get the crap kicked outta us for no reason? Are you sure it was him?"
"I think so. Ya know when you got dumped outta your cage earlier?"
Taylor nodded.
"Well, I thought I heard my name and Hanson being yelled, but I shrugged it off cause I thought it was a fan. Now I'm wondering if it was Zac, following me still?"
Again, Tay nodded.
"Good. Anyway, I coulda swore I saw Zac bein' pulled down the walk here on a leash."
"And..?" Tay questioned.
"And then I got hit in the head with a friggin rock!" Ike muttered, throwing the rock back at his brother.
"Watch it! So, what are we gonna do!? If it's Zac I wanna tell him we're okay."
Sighing heavily, Ike stood up, dusted of his pants and yelled, maybe a bit too loudly.

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