A New Found Freedom


Will crouched in the long grass on the border of Camp E, hoping for a glance of his young friends. That’s all he ever got to see of them these days, a glance. He’d returned to this dreaded of camps only a week after escaping in hopes of pulling them out. He sighed and opted to lay down on his stomach to peer down the bordering hill. So much had happened in the two months since his cowardly retreat back to H, so much. Angela had managed to sneak away a few weeks ago and found one of his trails leading to a watering place a few miles from her home camp. She was thrilled to report that Jonathon had suffered a dilapidating heart attack that left him reduced to bed rest and lethargy. She was distressed to tell of what happened the same night of the heart attack. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac had been beaten severely all night by the campers, who took turns the whole night through. Isaac and Zac had been back up on their feet and working only five days after that while Taylor was down for more then two weeks recovering. When he finally did manage to get to his feet, he was weak and dizzy and stayed that way up to the day she escaped.
Will rubbed his eyes lazily, knowing that Taylor was slowly improving. He watched them from this vantage point, thinking that maybe someday he’ll find some way to yank them out of there.
Camp H was back to its glory days before the big attack E had pushed upon them. Several other drop groups had been found and taken in so now the camp’s population was up near a thousand and climbing still. Will knew soon he’d pull them together and come down upon this camp showing no mercy. Everything would go smoother next time too. They were lucky enough to pick up a weapon specialist from NASA, who was working with the primitive weaponry at H and making slow but steady progress. More medics were among the new dropees and Will welcomed them with open arms. Who knows, maybe they could help Taylor out of the slump he was in. But first off, they needed to get into that camp without causing harm to be put upon the four original slaves there and the twenty some new slaves that were plucked from his drop group. They’d been traversing the terrain in search of friends, not foes when they found Camp E and scattered, most of them making it away safely, others not.
Will spied movement near the slave quarters and felt his heart leap to his throat. Isaac emerged from the low structure that housed him and his brothers. He raised his arms above his head to stretch while Zac crawled out the low entrance. They both turned back to the front of the tiny house and ever so slowly, another blond head poked out and two thin arms followed. Isaac reached down to grab the right arm while Zac made a grab for the left, both gently pulling up Taylor. He leaned heavily against them, weakly putting his arms around their necks and shoulders as they made their way to the stream to bathe. Upon reaching the stream, the three blondes turned to Will’s location and smiled knowingly. Will smiled back and sighed, thinking about how great it would be to be able to share a laugh with them again, to have a fight with them, to just be around them.
Taylor said something to his brothers and Will watched as they helped him turn in his direction. Taylor had his thumb, index, and pinky held up for him to see while the traffic finger and the ring finger pressed against his palm.
"I love you too guys."

The End.....

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