A New Found Freedom

Chapter 26 - "What's gonna happen to me?"

Taylor watched in consternation as his older brother was quickly drug up from the savanna, where he'd managed to run to, back up to the wooden poles of Camp E. By the time the hunting party reached their area, Isaac was attempting to walk on his own, but all Taylor could see were his big brother's blank eyes staring at nothing and everything. His feet were stumbling over the smallest imperfection in the earth beneath him as he was secured tightly to a pole by his hands and feet. Tola hide found its way over his eyes and in his mouth to quell his seemingly uncontrollable temper and to let Jonathon speak without interruption. His feet were tied down tightly, crossed over each other, so he wouldn't be able to move around. His arms were bound snugly above and behind his head to make him feel vulnerable. Taylor feared for Isaac's life.
"I want to be notified the minute he's in his right mind, understood?" Jonathon snapped out at a guard.
"Sir!" The man nodded and stamped his spear against the dirt and assumed a position close to his charge.
"As for you." Jonathon poked Zac in the chest painfully, "You'll be dealt with properly later. And you two." He paused, staring at Angie and Will before going on, "Angela, as soon as these four are taken care of, you're back on duty with no privileges at all what so ever."
Angie lifted her eyes to the leader of Camp E and felt hatred flow through her body just as quickly as despair flowed through her words, "Please don't hurt them, it was my fault please! They never did anything, please!" She cried.
Jonathon snorted and shook his head, "Shut up. You aren't gonna change my mind about what's gonna happen to em, so shut it." And he walked away with a brigade of guards following closely.

Taylor's tears had long since stopped flowing, forgotten as he studied his older brother that he'd missed terribly. He looked far better then Zac and he did..well, not counting the dark bruise that was forming along his temple and forehead from the butt end of the spear, but none the worse for wear. Taylor was amazed that this kind gentle teddy bear of a brother had it in him to stab one of the camp's best hunters in the stomach in an attempt at freedom. And how fast he'd gotten ahead of the hunting party! Taylor was full of fear, love, admiration, and sadness as he watched Isaac's dazed form slowly start to become human again.

He scrunched his eyes up and leaned his head against the smooth wooden shaft, as if trying to shed the pain from his head onto the pole. He moaned slightly and opened his eyes wide to accustom himself to the brightness of his surroundings. His forehead furrowed as he tried to figure out where he was and why his arms were pinned so painfully above him. He finally took a look around and spied Taylor straight in front of him, tied down to a pole not unlike his own. He shifted his gaze to see Zac, Angie, and Will lined up on the poles on either side of Taylor; Will and Angie on the left with Zac on the right. He opened his mouth to speak, but a dry cough came out instead. His guard came up and pulled the gag out to help him in a strange gesture of kindness. He closed his mouth for a moment before trying again.
"What happened?" He voiced smoothly.
"They caught you." Zac stated softly.
Isaac nodded slightly, the blow to the head still affecting him somewhat. The man at his side marched off smartly and was gone for several minutes before announcing the arrival their camp's leader.
Isaac's face remained impassive and his voice never wavered as he wanted to know, "What's gonna happen to me? Am I gonna die the young and painful death you two always threatened me with?" He asked with a lopsided grin.
Zac smiled back, but lost the humor a moment later when Taylor shook his head savagely, "No..no he's gonna beat you, starve you, slap you around, torture you, and torture us in front of you and he's gonna make life hell! Know why!? Because he finds it funny! It doesn't matter how much you beg or how much you pretend it doesn't hurt! He knows! He lived the life he's putting us through and now you get to see why you should have stayed back at H, where you were safe!" He yelled emotionally, wishing within everything holy that his brothers weren't here at the moment, but back home with his family, safe and out of harms way. Out of Jonathon's way.
Zac looked at Taylor in horror, not wanting to believe a word of what he was saying, but knowing every word of it was true and would be carried out. He whimpered, attracting Isaac's attention.
He acted the part of the older brother and tried to reassure Zac, "I'm not gonna let em do anything to you, I won't let em touch you if I can help it. Understand?" He raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner.
Zac admired the way Isaac managed to control his emotions, he only wished he could do the same himself. He nodded quickly, feeling a hot tear splash down his dirty cheek. As he felt this, he forced himself to stop, to not show weakness to the insane man holding them against their will. That man who was causing them so much pain suddenly appeared as if out of nowhere, or maybe Zac just wasn't paying attention, but he was there now.
"Mr. Wentz! Front and center!" Jonathon demanded.
"Sir?" The short man replied.
"Take Miss Angela back to her master..now."
"Sir yes sir!" Wentz replied, pulling out his knife to cut the bonds that held the young girl captive.
Angie started struggling the minute the rope was cut loose and she nearly got free when she slammed her knee close to Wentz's pride and joy, but luckily for him, she missed.
"Don't you ever, EVER, think you can try that! I'll kill you like that!" He slapped her harshly across her cheek and yanked her arm back behind her to control her further.
"You hit her again and I swear on everything holy I'll kill you myself." Isaac threatened softly.
"Ike, don't!" Taylor hissed, staring with wide eyes at his master.
Jonathon watched with little interest as the young lady was taken away, kicking and screaming to be reunited with her furious master. He turned his attention back to the four left over men he had on his hands. He approached Will first.
He bent over and looked him right in the eye, "You....you were the one I wanted! I knew it!"
Will looked up at him confused and realization kicked Taylor in the stomach with a vengeance, "You wanted him....not me."
Jonathon nodded quickly, "You two could be twins if you weren't so skinny. Well, not twins, brothers maybe."
Zac and Isaac stood by silently, waiting to see what terror would unfold.
"Yup, you coulda avoided all this if you woulda told me that you didn't lead that camp." The crazy man sneered.
"You never asked!" Taylor shrieked.
"Sure I did. You just didn't understand what I meant."
"Bastard! Let us go! You have no right to keep us like this! No right in hell!" Taylor screamed, far past the thin line that separated frustration from anger.
Jonathon took on the appearance of his insane side and cackled maniacally, "I have every right my boy, every right. In case you hadn't noticed....we aren't in Kansas anymore." He indicated New Terra.
"No shit Sherlock." Isaac growled.
"Ike! Don't!" Taylor warned again, but too late this time.
Jonathon slowly walked up to Isaac, balled his hand into a fist, and slammed it over and over again into Isaac's stomach, causing the man to close his eyes, but not call out. A moment later, the feeling passed through Jonathon and he turned back to Taylor and Will, leaving Isaac winded and shaky.
"Listen up....you four are staying here tonight. No begging for each other or anything or you get the same treatment as that one." He pointed at Isaac, "Hear? Good, night gentlemen." And with that, he simply walked away.

Taylor couldn't handle it anymore and he wanted his feelings to be known. He chose the physical way rather then voicing his opinions. He screamed a throaty growl and started tearing at the ropes holding his wrists as hard as he was able. He jerked his arms around this way and that as much as possible, looking for a leeway or any weakness in the manufacturing of the rope. There was none, but this didn't stop him from his struggles.
"Tay..Tay quit! You're gonna mess up your hands! TAY KNOCK IT OFF,NOW! TAY STOP IT! Jesus Zac, do something!" Isaac yelled.
"Tay quit it now or Jonathon's gonna hurt us. He'll kill us if he knows it'll get to you and you know I'm not making it up." Zac spat out venomously.
Taylor still pulled weakly against the bonds, yanking slightly when a thin wail broke out of his chapped lips and his eyes squeezed shut in a lame attempt to stop the tears. His greasy, unkempt hair, that now hung past his shoulders, soon became sodden with the salty liquid as he slumped to the ground in a depressive manner.
"I wanna go home! I want mom and dad to see us again! I miss Jessie and Avie and them..I WANNA GO HOME!" He sobbed loudly, banging his head against the pole repeatedly, "Ike...make it stop, please make it stop!" He continued to sob.
Isaac hung in his head, wanting to block his ears from his distressed brother but said.
"I can't stop it Tay. You can control it though. I know you can. Calm down for Zac's sake. Look how much you're scaring him. Look at him Tay, look up." He called gently.
Zac mentally patted Ike on the back as he made himself look pitiful for Taylor, "Tay? Come on man, please don't do this to me. Don't break down now, not when we just got back together."
Taylor sniffled, wiping his nose against his inert arm.
"Sorry...but I can't hold it in you guys! It's been too long, too much shit's been piled up! Look at us! If you woulda told me a year and a half ago that I'd be in this position, I woulda laughed and called the MIW." He grinned slightly.
"Isn't that the MIB?" Will asked.
Zac shook his head in an amused manner, "They used to tell me the MIW were coming for me. Men In White, the loony bin guys."
Taylor lost the happy feeling he had as he suddenly felt extremely tired and felt pity for Isaac who couldn't even sit down to sleep.
"Don't worry Tay, I'll live." Isaac said, as if reading his thoughts.
"You know me too well. Night Ike, love you guys."
"Love you too Tay, night."
"Night Ike, night Tay."
Will smiled sadly, knowing they forgot him at the moment. He pressed back against the wooden apparatus that was holding him upright and opened his eyes wide in shock and pleasure.
The cold steel from his knife pressed against his warm skin. Will smiled.

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