A New Found Freedom

Chapter 11 - A New Found Freedom

-Slave Convention-

The next two days passed without much excitement. Each day the Hanson brother's would search the "roaming arena" for each other, but unknown to them, they were always let out on different shifts making finding one another impossible. Growing more and more frustrated as the days went by, the were getting touchy to the smallest things, which set the friends they made on edge, which spread to their friends, which spread to theirs and so on. Much of the Terran population at the convention was on pins and needles, and this pushed one man over the edge. He'd been looking for a way out of the arena every day, having no luck. The third day.he found his way out. While snooping around an exit that led to the slave corrals, he found an unlocked latch, and slipped silently out. No one really ever knew what happened next..all they heard was something about a Terran man killing the convention leader and this gave them all heart. This, added upon all the pain, suffering, death, and beatings over the last few months, set off the entire population of slaves in the convention. All the slave pens, the arena, showers, feeding areas.everywhere there were slaves, a riot soon came about.
Even though security had been beefed up to almost twice the normal quantity, it wasn't enough to quell the swarming mass of captives that were finally able to vent their frustrations. Guards, slave owners, traders from far off were killed by the dozens. Beings who'd come just to look at slaves weren't around to see this due to the fact that it was early afternoon when they weren't really allowed in at all. None of the slaves cared about the consequences; this was the chance they needed to attempt to gain their freedom. The man who had killed the convention leader was soon enough destroyed as security panicked and started killing slaves before commands were sent out to leave the building and secure all the doors and lock the slaves in. Before the commands were sent out however, Zac's friend Charlie was killed when he tried to take a stun whip from an out numbered Iosie. The Iosie crushed his head with a single blow. Luckily enough, fate decided to deal Hanson a bit of luck. Among all the pandemonium, they were auspicious enough to find each other and huddle in a frightened ball, waiting for this living hell to come to an end. They were beyond happy to see each other and clung with a fervor not expected for only a three months of absence. The joy was short lived however as their world was once again turned up side down when a new draw from fate was shoved at them, unwillingly and unknowingly. The order was sent out to gas the slaves. The building was huge and would take about an hour to fill up completely, but once the gas leveled off everyone, including Hanson, the decision was made to send all the slaves to an unsettled planet. Anyone in a slave tunic were carelessly thrown into the back of a giant, city block sized ship to be taken away. Away from slavery and into a new found freedom.

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