The Babysitter
Note: I=Jennifer Mayo and I write in my view through out this story.

Chapter 5

He looked out the peep hole and opened the door. It was Andrew and he tried to close the door, but couldn't because he was over powered by Andrew who came in. He said something. I turned the volume up.
"I told you not to go run away." He yelled.
Zac just stood there as he went for his shirt. Zac stepped back. He pushed him until he was up against the wall.
"What's the matter....you beginning to like it?" He asked.
"No." He said. He slapped him hard. I sat there and watched as he raped and molested him. Then he left him in my room. I got up and cut it off. I got my jacket.
"Where do you think you're going?" She asked.
"Out. If he wakes up you know what to do." I said. I walked to the door and picked up my gun from beside the door.
"Put it down." She said. I did and then left as I went to his house. It wasn't to late. I knocked on the door and Tay answered. He had Zoe in his arms.
"Hey." He said.
"Your parents home?" I asked.
"No. Just me and her." He said.
"Can I come in?" I asked.
"Please." He said. I had the tapes. I walked in while she was asleep.
"I'll be right back." He said. He went upstairs and then came back down.
"What can I do for you? Oh I found the clothes." He said. He went downstairs and got them and brought them to me.
"Thanks. But that's not why I'm here." I said.
"Then why?" He asked.
"Do you know where Andrew lives?" I asked.
"Yes." He said.
"Can you tell me how to get there?" I asked. He got some paper and wrote it down.
"Here ya go." He said.
"Thanks." I said. I put it in my pocket.
"What's on the tape?" He asked.
"You shouldn't watch it." I Said. He took it from me and put in it before I could stop him. It started to play showing Andrew raping his brother. He looked at the screen, as he then turned green and went to the bathroom. I cut it off and went to check on him.
"You ok?" I asked.
"Yeah." He said. He got up.
"Who was it?" He asked.
"Andrew." I said.
"Ok." He said. He walked out quietly.
"Tay when your parents get home show it to them." I said.
"Ok." He said.
I left and followed the directions. I sat outside in the car until he came home and then walked over. I tapped him on the shoulder.
"Who are you?" He asked.
"Don't remember me? I was Zac's babysitter, before they started believing I was putting him to sleep." I said.
"Well...were you?" He asked.
"No." I said.
"Well...so." He said.
"Where is Zac?" I asked.
"I don't know." He said. I got my badge out.
"I'm a cop Andrew. Give it up. I know what you did and I have proof." I said.
"Yeah of what?" He asked.
"Of you raping and molesting him. That's at least fourty years." I said.
"So, go to hell." He said, and went on in. I went home. When I walked in she was rocking him. He was wide awake too.
"What happen?" I asked.
"He fell off the bed hitting the table." She said. He got up and walked to me. He laid his head on my shoulder.
"I know let me see." I said. He raised up his head. I kissed his head.
"Do you feel better? Did Amanda take care of the pain and all?" I asked as he nodded.
"Then come back to bed." I said. He walked back to my room and laid down. I tucked him in.
"Jennifer...can I go visit my parents and family tomorrow?" He asked.
"Sure." I said. He leaned up and hugged me.
"Did you tell them?" He asked.
"Zac, I got the whole thing on tape of what happened this afternoon and I took it over there." I said.
"No. I wanted to tell them." He said.
"Zac..it's ok. They will understand." I said.
"They will?" He asked.
"Yes. Now get to sleep." I said. I started tickling him and he laughed til he was crying.
"Now go to sleep." I said. He laid back down. I waited til he was asleep, then put some pillows on that side. I went to the living room.
"Nice suit." She said. I laid the bag on my table and opened it. I laid them out.
"If he put them back on, there has to be some evidence." I said.
"Yep but keep them in the bag I'll take them to the lab tomorrow." She said.
"No. I'll do it." I said.
"Ok." She said. I put them up and we went to bed. The next day Zac woke me up at 6:00.
"Jennifer?" He said.
"Yes...Zac" I said.
"There's someone at the door. I don't know who it is and Amanda's gone already." He said. I got up and walked to the door.
"Who's there." I asked. No one answered. I tried the peep hole and saw no one.
"Answer me or you won't come in." I said.
"It's Ike. I wanna see Zac." He said. I looked at Zac. He nodded. He still had the pj's on. I opened the door seeing both Ike and Tay were there. I let them in. Ike hugged Zac on first sight and picked him up off the floor.
"How's my little brother?" He asked. Tay looked at me.
"He hounded me until I would bring him here." He said.
"It's ok." I said.
"I'm fine really." He said. He set him back down.
"Nice pj's Zac." Tay said.
"There Jenns." He said.
"I couldn't find anything else. Suitable for sleeping in." I said. Tay hugged him next. I closed the door and locked it.
"What brings ya'll bye at six am?" I asked.
"Mom asked us to come and check on him." Ike said.
"I was going bring him today to see ya'll." I said.
"If you want, we can take him." Ike said.
"I got to go anyhow." I said.
"Ok." He said. They stayed a few hours. Ike had brought him some clothes so he changed. I then went back to my room. I changed also and then we all went to his parents house for a big reunion. I let him stay for a while I ran a few errands, like bills. Then went back and picked him up. He got in.
"I got some more of my things. Tay said you had my black box." He said.
"Yeah it's at the house." I said.
"Ok." he said. I took him with me to FBI headquarters. I got him cleared so he could enter. He walked with me. I layed the bag on the table and cut the lights as he came in.
"Cool." He said. He went to look at the chemicals.
"No. Zac stay over here." I said. He looked back.
"Why?" He asked.
"Because they can hurt you." I said. He sat down at a table. I laid his clothes out on the table.
"Hey, where did you get these? I had them hidden." He said.
"Tay gave them to me." I said.
I layed them out one piece at a time. I had gloves on.
"I'm bored already." He said. I went and got him some paper and pencils and stuff, then gave it to him. He sat down and drew, while I tested and checked his clothes. I got some good samples too. After a few hours went by and I was through I glanced at him. He had his head down watching me.
"You ok?" I asked.
"Yeah." He said. I walked over to him and sat down.
"I need to check you out too." I said.
"No." He protested.
"Zac?" I said. He sat there and thought a few minutes.
"Ok. But you have to." He said. I got the gloves and the kit.
"Come on." I said.

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