The Babysitter
Note: I=Jennifer Mayo and I write in my view through out this story.

Chapter 3

"You need to." I said.
"No,he'll get mad," he said.
"Zac,He hurt you. He raped you Zac. He sodomized you. You have the right to put him behind bars." I said.
"I can't.he'll get mad," he said.
"Zac, if he's behind bars. He can't hurt you." I said.
"He can't?" he asked.
"No, Zac he can't." I said.
"But, I don't want to tell anyone else. Especially, a male police officer," he said.
"A little embarressed?" I asked.
He nodded. I sat him on the bed and got up. I went and got a tablet yellow and a pen. I walked back and laid them in front of him.
"You don't have to. Just write what you remember and I'll sign." I said.
"Write." I said.
He picked up the tablet. He wrote everything down, that he remembered. Then I took it and had him sign it. And dated it. I then signed and put my badge number down. Then laid it to the side. He was sitting at the foot of the bed.
"Come here." I said. He crawled to me.
Lay down." I said. He laid beside me.
"Your tired and your sleepy. Lay down and go to sleep." I said.
"No, he'll come get me." He said.
"Zac, he won't get you here." I said.
"You promise?" he asked.
"I promise. I won't even let your parents take you." I said.
"Ok," he said.
I picked up the papers and sat down. He fell asleep. I covered him up and sat down at the computer. I scanned it onto the computer. Then went to the FBI files and checked him out. Nothing. I checked his B-Day. Nothing. I needed more. More on him. Amanda came home.
"I hate it." She yelled.
"Shh." I quited her. Zac turned over. I walked to the bed.
"Shh." I said.
He fell asleep back before she came in. We walked to the back.
"What happened?" I asked.
"What's his name?" She asked.
"Zachary Hanson."I said.
"Jennifer, you know his parents reported him missing two hours ago?" she asked.
"No." I said.
"You have to take him.back," she said.
"I can't do that." I said.
"Why not?" She asked. I showed her.
"His babysitter has raped him for four years and his parents don't know." I said.
He came around the corner,crying.
"Come here." I said. He came and sat down in my lap.
"It was a nighmare," he said. I held him.
"It's ok." I said. She looked at me.
"I won't tell them he's here, but you have to give me some kind of proof, that this is true. All of it," she said. Zac turned around.
"He hurt me. I wouldn't like. He drugged me and he raped me for four years. It's not something you make up. If your a cop you should know." He said and laid back down. I laid him on my bed.
"Lay here and go on back to sleep and don't worry. He won't hurt you." I said.
He smiled and went back to sleep. I walked to the living room. I sat her down.
"I need a way to find him and nail him." I said.
"Well right now you should be contacting his parents the're worried sick." She said.
"I'll be back. Listen if he wakes-up try your best to comfort him. Do not scream. Do not yell and never tell him it's his fault." I said.
"Ok." She said and I left.
I drove to the court office and saw Judge Smith he was a good friend. I sat down.
"Judge I know this is a odd request. I need a paper saying I can keep a boy for two weeks." I said.
"On what grounds?" He asked.
"He is in a home. Where the babysitter is hurting him and he came to me. He is sixteen and this has happen for four years. I don't want him hurt." I said.
"Can you prove it yet?" he asked.
"No. That's the impossible part. I can't find him. He'll be safe with me, but his parents I need the papers to keep him with me." I said.
He thought for fifthteen minutes I waited patiently.
"I will grant you a two week paper. As long as you provide proof within that two weeks you'll have it for as long as you think in necessary," he said.
"Thank you." I said.
He drew up the papers and we both signed. I then drove to Zac's house. I had a warrant to search the house. I knocked.
"Hello." Tay said.
"I'm agent Mayo. I need to see your parents now." I said.
"Jennifer?" He asked.
"Please it's agent Mayo." I said.
He let me in and I walked with him. They were going through finding a picture.
"Mr. and Mrs. Hanson." I said.
"Yes." She said.
"I need to speak with you in private." I Said.
"Ok." She said. They cleared the place.
"I know where Zachary Hanson is." I said.
"Where is he?" She asked."
He is safe." I Said. I handed them the papers and the warrant.
"I have papers to keep him for two weeks till I can prove that Andrew Gene Jackson molested and raped your son for four years. I have a warrant to search his room. Now." I Said.
"You can't do that." Mr.Hanson said.
Tay walked in.
"Mom what's the matter is Zacok?" He asked.
"He's with her." Walker said.
"He's been with me since two am the day before. He told me his story." I said.
"What story?" Tay asked.
"Taylor sweet heart will you show her to your room?" She asked.
"Honey she has our son." He said.
"Walker if there is something she can prove that he's lying or it's true. I would like her to. You yourself said something was wrong with him." She said.
"Tay. You can." He said. I followed Tay.
"Jennifer? Can I call you Jennifer?" he asked.
"Yes." I said.
"Why is Zac with you?" He asked. Once in the room.
"Taylor. You'll find out very soon. I need you to tell me where his diary and journals and stuff are." I Said. He looked around and got it.
"Here they are." He said handing me a shoebox. "It should have everything in it."
"With a combination lock." I said.
"Yeah he caught me and Ike." He said.
"Tay have you noticed anything strange or weird about it?" I asked.
"He cries a lot." He said.
"The past two years?" I asked.
"Yeah...I heard him one night he said he wished you were here to hold him like last time and that he wished you would call. He won't tell Ike and me anything and mom and dad think he's still two young to go out." He said.
"Taylor. Has he said anything about Andrew?" I asked.
"He hated him. He begged mama not to leave him here, but she would say she had to. Sometimes I wanted to volunteer so bad he cried everytime she had him go over there." He said.
"Taylor...do me a favor, look around and if you find anything that's dirty he had on the nights Andrew was over bring it to my house. Ok." I asked.
"Sure," he said.
I took the box with me and went back. Amanda had paged me ten times putting everything in the tenth she put 911. I went home then I pulled up and got everything in the elevator and went up to my apartment. I opened the door to a room of yelling and screaming.
"What happen?" I asked.
"He won't wake up. I tried but he just keeps on begging him to stop." She said. I walked to the room and caught his hand which nearly hit me.
"Zac, listen to me. Your awake." I said.
"No!" He screamed. I held his arms beside him.
"Shh." I kept saying. Amanda got some water and sprayed him, which helped wake him up.
"How long has he been like this?" I asked.
"Since I started paging you about fifthteen minutes before."
He's been screaming for two hours?" I asked.
"Yes you wouldn't come." She said. I had her hold his feet and I held his hands.
"Let him wake up on his own." I said.
"Are you stupid he wants out now,"she said.
"I can't wake him up. He's in his own world." I said. I held his hands down til he was quite tired and just screamed. I let up and so did she and he started again.
"Dang." I Said. He threw her off of his feet. I got the wash rag and wiped his face off.
"Zac. Wake up!" I screamed.
That didn't even work. I shook him. He continued. I slapped him as hard as I could and that brought him back. He started crying. I sat down and grabbed him.
"Shh it's ok." I said. He was shaking and crying. I held him.
"Why..weren't you here?" He finally said.
"It's ok.I was at your parents." I said. He looked up.
"You told them? You weren't suppose to tell them." He said. He pulled away.
"No. None," he said. I grabbed his face.
"Zac, I didn't tell them everything... just I was trying to find proof." I said.
"But you told them." He screamed.
"Zac, they have a right to know." I said.
"But they left me with him." He said.

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