First Step: The Line Drawing!

How To Draw Isaac Hanson


*Notes* - about Isaac's face:

Eyes: Are medium in size. Make sure you don't draw them to small or to big or you will lose his likeness. Also he has a slight bag under each eye. Sketch it in lightly at this stage in the drawing. The eyelashes are thick and go slightly out at he outer tips of the eyes. The eyelashes below are light. The eye color with the pupil is not a full round circle. Also Ike has an lazy eye, which makes his one eye half shut! Watch this!

Nose: Sightly large. Has narrow bridge on top and a small round tip.

Eyelids: You can see a very distinct line above his eyes. Watch the distance here. The line is close to the eyes. His eyes are deep set.

Mouth: Ike's upper lip is medium full, but thins when he smiles and he has a full bottom lip. His teeth are straight, and there are no spaces between each tooth. I decided to not add his braces since they were taken off!

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