Whispers In The Night

Chapter 1

Zac Hanson's body was dripping with sweat as he sprung off the drum set and rolled onto the stage. He picked up the microphone and continued singing the words to their cover of Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me." Performing in concert was one of the greatest experiences in his life. Seeing how the fans clapped and sang along to their music was always something to enjoy. The song ended before he knew it, and after he and his brothers broke out into an a capella version of "This Time Around," they said their farewells to their fans and headed backstage to be whisked away to the hotel from their tour bus.
"Hey guys, we have a situation." A security guard addressed Isaac, Taylor, and Zac, as they were drying themselves off with their towels.
"What's that, Mark?" Isaac asked after he swigged some water down from his water bottle.
"You've got a few feet to walk to your tour bus tonight. Those girls are crazy and don't show any signs of budging. We're doing as much as we can to hold them back. Don't worry though, we'll take care of you guys. Just stay by us and everything should be fine." Mark smiled and radioed the guards outside.
"How's it looking?" A loud piercing shriek from the fans screaming was heard over the walkie-talkie and scared all four of them to death.
"Mark, my words of wisdom tonight are to not have them come out for another ten minutes. I also advise you to call in some backup for safety measures! These girls are maniacs! I'll radio you when the situation gets a little more under control. Over." The walkie-talkie grew silent and Mark shook his head sadly.
"Looks like another long night, guys." Mark slowly walked down the backstage hallway getting ready to contact any other security guards he could find.
"Hang in there and I'll be back in ten." He yelled to the three brothers and broke into a brisk jog out of their sight. Zac sunk to the floor and closed his eyes.
"God, please keep us safe. Take care of Mom, Dad, Jessie, Avie, Mackie, and ZoŽ, too."
"Hey, Zac, everything okay?" Taylor said breaking Zac out of his trance.
"Uh, yeah. Just a quick prayer.that's all." Zac said as Isaac and Taylor sat on the cement pavement next to him.
"You want me to call Dad?" Isaac said after a brief moment of silence. His two younger brothers nodded as Isaac peeled the cover off the phone and dialed the number that was permanently edged in his brain. "Dad, how's everything out there?"
The three of them could barely make out their father's reply over the cries from the fans.
"Isaac, it's getting worse out here even with the back up security. It looks like we might have to take the van. Mark's doing the best he can. Just wait for Mark and call me before you guys leave." Mr. Hanson said outside as he watched crewmembers load his sons' instruments into the truck.
"Alright, Dad. I love you." Isaac said and seconds later closed down the antenna as he clipped the phone onto his belt loop of his jeans. "Well, it looks like we're gonna have to wait a few more minutes until Mark gets back."
Zac ran his fingers thru his hair as he laid his back up against the wall. Isaac and Taylor looked head on as they waited in silence: it was going to be a long night indeed!

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