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Streets Of Albertane
- Operated by: Simon Lowell and Owned by: Stephen Davenport -
This site is dedicated to the best in Fan Fiction! They have one of the largest collections of "HanFic" available!

STORY IS: Zac Says Tay Still Wets The Bed
- By Nick -
This story is the first in the action adventures of Hanson being reluctant heroes written brillantly by Nick! It is filled with drama, laughter, tears and hope! This story makes you sit on the end of your seat as the Hanson's are taken hostage by Serbian terrorists on a flight home. This is a must read for all Hanson fans!

aNyTiMe ~ a HanFic Trilogy
- by Nikki & Gina

The Weirdest Vacation
- by Katie -
(Based on a 6-year-old Zac Hanson and the adventures he and his family have while taking a trip that ends up being a nightmare!

The Hidden Truth
- by Anna Austin -
Summary: The mysterious death of Taylor's long-term girlfriend leaves him puzzled and confused. His friend's have helped him though the great tradgedy, but slowly and surely Taylor begins to notice gaping holes and tears in the story. Is there something that hasn't been told that needs telling? Was Cally's death REALLY accidental?

Tulsa: Love And Hate
- by Bre (edited by Kiely) -
The story has three main girls, Bre, Lynn, and Liz. They were best friends even before Hanson. Unfortunately all three of them learn a few lessons...time changes everything...and Love and Hate are the worlds closest emotions. What are the girls going to do? Stick with the boys...or move on and choose other lives...

Site is: Color of My 'World - Story: The Norm of the Million Dollar Babies
- by Debbie -
Its inspired by a real meeting of Hanson. Where a girl said "I don't think thats right cause it's not in his image."(refering to Taylor and a shirt). So she wrote a story that is about the Hanson's not having a perfect life. The Hanson's have problems. It's called "Norm" because being normal is not being perfect.

A Hidden Life
-by Jackie

Site is: Aer's Hanson Page - MAIN STORIES: I Woke Up (first story), I Fainted (sequelt to IWU), All That Glitters
- by Aeron -
IWU-a torrent of events, less developed and less emotional as its sequel, but worth reading. taylor stars, the others are merely backdrops, IF-more eloquent than IWU, descriptive and a good read, for hardcore happy-ending fans (I haven't written the last chapter, I've been putting it off), ATG-a slightly scraggly beginning, but after the first page, it gets better, set in 2002, makes up a lot of events as I'm not preconigtiant.

Site is: My Hanson Page - MAIN STORIES: Another Near Miss, Aubrey's Story , and Skittles (Taste The Rainbow)
- by various authors -
Read the Hanson Stories!

Site is: Ike Fan Fic Section - MAIN STORIES: Things Change
- by Moesh (Melissa) -
A Story about Ike Hanson!

Site is: Jamie's Creativity Haven - MAIN STORIES: Coming of Age, The Love Song of J. Taylor Hanson, For the Love of Pete, Again and I Got A Name
- by Jamie -
She completed the following Hanson stories: "Coming of Age." It focuses on Isaac's relationship with an older woman. The next story is based on T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and is called (what else?) "The Love Song of J. Taylor Hanson." Read this story called "For the Love of Pete," the premise of which is the brothers taking off on an extended road trip in a motor home. The first story of a short story trilogy is also up there. This story is also finished: "Again," which is the sequel to "Coming of Age." Plus a Zac story called: "I Got A Name"!

Site is: Realities To Dreams - MAIN STORIES: Things Change
- Written By: Kelli, Illustrated By: Nikki (me) -
Hanson Stories! *production* written, but not FULLY up yet *rated* between G & PG

MAIN STORY: 'Until We Meet Again'
- by Ashlee
It's about Taylor and his best friend when they were little; Brettlyn. She moved to Florida when they were six and after not keeping in touch very well comes to the Tulsa concert to rekindle an old friendship if possible. Her chance comes when she meets up with Taylor again and so far, since it's unfinished, they are just enjoying their time as friends and rediscovering what they had as children. There are more plot twists to come. Check out this story and enjoy!

SITE IS: Growing Pains in Albertane:Di's Hanson Stories - MAIN STORY: Two of Us - by Diana
The story centers around the relationship between Jessica and Taylor and the trials of Jessica growing up! It is not totally finished, but it is a excellent read for Hanson fans!! Check it out!

MAIN STORY: I love you till the end, forever and a day
- by Amy & Tina
Our story is about 4 young teens in for the ride of there life when Amy begins to be followed everywhere she goes by a mysterious shadow! Who is doing this? Why? Well just keep reading cus we update it all the time! Check it out!

SITE IS: Just Write
- by Kate
She has two sections of stories which are: Just Stories; There are NO CELEBRITIES involved. They are written from various points of veiw and are, for the most part, fiction. Just Celebs; These stories DO contain celebrity characters, such as Justin Timberlake, Hanson, and Nsync! Go check it out!

STORY IS: "Nothing"
- by Mary
This is a short story that will leave you with a lingering perplexity. In the story, you know something is seriously wrong...but what? Go check it out!

STORIES ARE: Coffee - Alcohol (the sequel to Coffee) - Pandora
- by Tonicstar
-- Coffee : College story. A girl who doesn't know any better than ridiculing sororities in the middle of class meets the man she loves to hate. After a while the "to hate" part disappears from the last phrase. The main characters are Cleo and Isaac. At times, you will hear about Taylor and Zac but it's mainly focused on Cleo and Isaac's relationship. Or a passionate love affrair if that's what you'd like to call it.
-- Alcohol : Four years since the ending of Coffee. Taylor's once sex driven love life has disappeared and he's taken it upon himself to dress like a starving painter. After Cleo's marriage to Isaac, Taylor begins to hang with Cleo's brother, Chris, and his unusual set of friends. One of which he falls in love with. Too bad neither will admit it. The relationship between Cleo and Isaac takes a striking turn. At the end of this turn is the lives of everyone around them.
-- Pandora : Hops clubs, hacks companies for computer games, listens to the punk girl band scene, and hates the sun. She's very much human but often presumed to be a vampire, sometimes used as a insult, other times used as a form of concern. Three years have passed since the last time she saw Isaac and his family. When she is forced to come back into their lives, what used to be the life of a hermit is all of a sudden brought out into the light. And she doesn't like it at all. Go check them out!

- by Regina
There are 2 stories the first one Indian summer is about friends and how they survive a hard summer at a camp,the second one Until you loved me is about 3 girls who have dreamed about meeting Hanson and being with them and one day their dreams come true. Go check it out!

STORY IS: "One Life To Live"
- by Alyssa
It's a very touching love story between Taylor and a girl named Adelia. The story is told by Taylor, who is reflecting on his girlfriend's life...six years after her death...all while raising the child she gave birth to. Go check it out!

STORY IS: "You Are My Hope"
- by Jen
Just click on the banner below to read her Hanson story! Go check it out!

STORY IS: "Butterfly Silver"
- by Kristy and help by Cyndi
The Hanson brothers find their true loves. But what is stronger?? Their love for music or for the girls? And will their love last through what happens to change all their lives forever? Go check it out!

- by Jen
The stories on her site are: Twins and The Springs of Colorado! Go check it out!

STORY IS: "If We Could Start Over"
- by Lark and Jamie
It's a tear-jerker about best friends who face emotional and physical hardships, and only their newfound friendship with Hanson keeps them alive. It's a story about faith, trust and love. Can Hanson pull the girls through the toughest times in their lives...or sometimes is it too late? Go check it out!

SITE IS: Hanson Page Stories Page
- by Mallory
Some of the best Hanson Stories on the web can be found here and also read the webmaster's fantastic Hanson Stories too! Go check it out!

SITE IS: The Hanson Realm
- by Fishy and Webmaster of site
Fishy has six stories in the hosted section of this site! The sites owner too has some pretty AWESOME stories too to read. Check them all out at The Hanson Realm!

SITE IS: Itz Hanson Fan Fiction
- by Jessie - webmaster
Jessie has many great stories to read that she wrote called: taylors story, cried, scared, madeline's story, and choose! She has long and short stories and she even has some really awesome hosted stories on her page! Go check them and good reading!

STORY IS: Changes
- by Jeanette - webmaster
What happens to the victims and their family after a car accident? Will the band continue to play - or split up? Good reading!

STORY IS: A Lot Of Things Can Happen
- by Christa -
Go read this excellent Hanson story! Good reading!

SITE IS: Hanson Fiction...It's A Writers Thing
- Nadinne & Candice - webmasters
Check out this Hanson Fiction page! Excellent Stories!

SITE IS: Honeydew's hanfic stories
- Honeydew - webmaster
Check out this Hanson Fiction page! Excellent Stories such as: A Little More Time, My Name Is, What I Never Got To Say, Just a Painful Memory, Kiss the Rain, and Dear Malorie!

SITE IS: Once Upon A Tragic Time~Hanson Fiction
- by: Kerry K. - webmaster
This story is a drama revolving mainly around Taylor, but also including Isaac, Zac, as well as other characters. It has a bit of a love sub-plot, but is mostly an action story. It involves Taylor being kidnapped as part of a complicated fraud and crime scam, while others search to find him and return him home.

STORY IS: When The Night Is Dark And Stormy
- by: Avery Johns - author
This story is a drama centering around Taylor who has to deal with the responsibilty of being a father. Find out how he deals with fatherhood.

SITE IS: From Albertane to Moffatts High and Back
- by: Shelly - webmaster
This site holds many stories of Hanson or the Moffatts written by Shelly. I haven't read any yet, but go check out her great site!

STORIES ARE: Shimmer (long story) and Blinding Light (short story)
- by: Sarah - webmaster
(Shimmer) - Travel into the shadows of their world and discover what shimmer's! And her short story (Blinding Light) - You live, you learn.

STORY IS: Never Give Up Hope
- by: Carrie - webmaster
Summary: Charlotte doesn't know when to turn for hope when she is diagnosed with a rare disease, until she meets Hanson, that is.

STORY IS: Scandals
- by: Diane - webmaster
This story involves Hanson and The Moffatts. Mainly Taylor and Scott. Some content in the story is rated R for mature readers only. You have been warned!

STORY IS: Red Rodeo
- by: Lily - webmaster
There's an underground organization called (appropriately) the Underground Agency, and one of its sectors deals with the protection of America against communism. (So you think the Cold War's over, do ya?) A subsector of that sector is the celebrity monitoring program, and there's a blacklist of certain people who mysteriously fade into obscurity. Taylor Hanson happens to be on the blacklist.

The herione, Cody, is a UA agent, but she's in a secret rebellion group for protection of the wrongly accused. To save the innocent blacklisted, she kidnaps Taylor and thus begins their journey... Go Check OUT the exciting story now!!

STORY IS: In The Eyes Of A Stranger
- by: Marie Zamora - webmaster
Ashley and Sarah have been best friends for 9 years. When Hanson finally comes to town a friend gives Ashley a set of front row tickets right when the girls thought they weren't going. Just before the week of the concert Ashley begins to have weird and confusing dreams. No one seems to know what they might mean. Click to find out the mystery between the tickets and that faitful concert that has Hanson in a twist.

SITE IS: Poisoned By A Fairy Tale
- by: Harmony - webmaster
Read some excellent Fan Fiction called: Abuse Me and Forgotten Destiny among others. Go to the land of tears and shadows. Where your worst nightmares come true, and you're glad the stories aren't reality. Use caution and tread carefully. These stories contain adult content, situations and language. You are hereby warned.

SITE IS: Hanson Fiction: its a writers thing
- by: Nadinne & Candice - webmaster
Read some excellent Fan Fiction called:
Unforgiveable Sin
When Taylor first meets Jaida, he thinks all his dreams have come true, but Emily thinks different, she knows Jaida is hiding something, but what? She'll stop at nothing to get the information and use it to get Taylor back...
Just 4 Jess
While Zac's been on tour, Jesika has found the love of her life... or is he?. Zac know's somethings wrong but Jesika isn't saying a word. Can he help her before it's too late? Can Jesika ever forgive Zac?
New Beginnings
Jaymi and Kayla are normal identical twins, leading a normal life. That is until Isaac, Taylor and Zac enter the picture! Both twins experience the ups and downs of love... with a few twists to make things interesting. *This is a finished story*
Just Us
The sequel to New Beginnings, the twins and the Hanson brothers are now three years older and things are different... Zac's in with the "wrong crowd", Jaymi's pregnant and Taylor and Kayla live in a caravan...

SITE IS: Hanson Hostel
- by: Caasi and Bebelzinha - webmasters
HC Stories Hostel was created specially for you. There you'll find a lot of good stories separated by genre. You'll be able to send them your link and they will add it there for free. Go Check it out NOW!

SITE IS: Hanson's Creek
- by: Caasi and Bebelzinha - webmasters
Read one of the best story series around. Breaking All The Rules, No Limits In Disneyworld, During The Chirstmas Time, and Paying For All Sins!! Warning: All the stories have an adult content. If you are under 18 or you don't like reading this kind of thing, please don't go there!

STORY IS: Eyes Of God
- by: Amanda - webmaster
All the characters in my story are fictional, except the names may be of my friends but I changed their last names. My personality, along with my friends, shows throughout the characters. Some of the events taking place in my story are fictional but they could be real life situations. I wrote the story based on imagination and because I love to write. So sit back and ENJOY! Go Check it out NOW!

STORY IS: Don't Give Up For The Fight Isn't Over
- by: Amanda - webmaster
What do you do when life has given you rough situations that you can't find a way around? In this story a girl named Amanda has always believed there was a special someone for everyone. But when she finds that someone can love survive the difficulties of life? Can love fight what's fighting it? Check it out!

STORY IS: A Piece of The Past
- by: Erica - webmaster
The story of Chloe and her memories of Hanson after their "This Time Around Tour". Go check it out now!! Happy reading everyone!

STORY IS: A Taylor Hanson Story Starring You
- by: Kiara - webmaster
Warning: Adult language and content! The story that stars you! Go check it out now!! Happy reading everyone!

SITE IS: This Glassy Surface
- by: Crystal - webmaster
Her website is brand new, so she only has one short story up called "The Promise" that is a very touching story about Taylor, but she will be adding more to her site in the near future! Go Check it out now and happy reading everyone!

SITE IS: Blonde Hazel Blue Tuba Boy & Pals notice: best if viewed with internet explorer; if viewed with netscape, it looses certain links and functions
- by: Alex - webmaster
Check out her stories listed here:
Short Stories:
life's blessing - zac isn't sure he likes being in the band anymore...will tay be able to convince him to keep it up? (written: 8/20/1999)

illusions of innocence - my ike story...well, features tay mostly, but it's about ike and how drug abuse can effect your life...(written: 12/6/1999)

Chrysalis - another ike one...doesn't have at all...features zac...i'm going to have a sequel...later (written: 7/25/2000)

the sirens - okay, this might be a touchy subject...especially for all you major tay fans out there! it's about zac and murder...and stuff...not finnished yet...but i'm on a roll!! (last updated: 7/20/2000)
Go Check them out now and happy reading everyone!

SITE IS: HANFICML Archive and Hanson Story Reviews
- Zibbi - webmaster
Check out this Hanson Fiction page! They have many stories to read and you can even get your Hanson Fiction reviewed by Zibbi! Go check out this wonderful site!! Lots to do and read!

STORY IS: Dying To Be Alive - A Hanson Story
- Star - webmaster
This story is rated PG. The story is a Hanson story and it is about a girl named Lucy and she is from a broken home of tragedy and dispair. Landing herself in the hospital from a tragic inccident and finds herself in the in and outs and meets Taylor...Lucy is shipped to her Aunts place and finds herself in the neighbor to Taylor Hanson.. a budding romance begins, but a terrible truth reveals its ugly head, and the love she newly found would be ripped away from her. But nothing is as it seems she quickly finds out and is thrown into a tunnel of lies and deceit in which to survive she needs to find the thin red line between what is and what's not. No matter who the truth could ruin...! Go check it out now and happy reading everyone!

SITE IS: Jaded
- nyx - webmaster
Check out her website!!

STORY IS: Wondering What You're Dreaming
- nyx - webmaster Check out her wonderful short story!! She doesn't want to marry Taylor and rejects him! His heart is breaking! What could be the reason why? Go check it out now!

STORY IS: In The Background -
- nyx - webmaster Check out her story about a dark side of Taylor! There is some bad language and the content may offend some!

STORY IS: Love Grows Wings
- Sara - webmaster
A tragic incident happens to a young girl named Linds and can Taylor help her through her dispair and heartache. Go check it out now and happy reading everyone!

STORY IS: When You're Near Me
- Jenny - webmaster
The story is a Hanson story mostly about Ike, but has Taylor and Zac also in the story line! Go check it out now and happy reading everyone!

SITE IS: Blue Yonder Dreams FanFiction
- Meg - webmaster
Blue Yonder Dream's is a offical online library for your fan fiction stories. So go add yours now to the library! Go check it out now and happy reading everyone!

STORY IS: My Angel - A Isaac Hanson Story
- S. Jules - webmaster
A beautiful touching story of love and heartbreak. Get out the tissues and read this amazing moving short story about Isaac and the girl he loves. Go check it out now and happy reading everyone!

STORY IS: Part of Your World
- Leila - webmaster
This is a story involving Taylor Hanson in a drug Rehab type place, and a girl with a serious thing for Ryan Shuck. I rate this story PG-13 due to some of the language in the story. It is a well written story. Go check it out now and happy reading everyone!

SITE IS: Aurora Star
- Tashie - webmaster
Visit Aurora Star where your imagination takes you on a return ticket to where ever your heart desires. This site is dedicated to teenage creative writing. Feel free to read their wonderful stories, submit your own poem or prose or read the "Never Ending Story" if you dare... Go check it out now and happy reading everyone!

- Lois Pechony - webmaster
Okay, so now you probably think, "oh God, not another fanfic site"… Well, she does not claim to have it the most original way or to be the greatest writer of all times, but she claims to be at least worth reading. She isn't a teeny, so if you're in a search of stories like, "Taylor finds his true love when she moves to Tulsa because her father got a transformation, they have sex in the first chapter and marry by the end of the third, even though they are only 14" - sorry, wrong address. She does not write that kind of stuff. So what does she write about? Life. And that means, not only love. As much as love takes an important place in our lives, there are still things going on when we are not with our lovers. Well, her stories in this site deal with women abuse, for example, one-night stands, child raising, or, Hanson's break-up. To name a few. There are no rules for reading, although she requires open mindness from the people who read "Making of the video". Otherwise there is no point. Only - enjoy!!! Go check it out now and happy reading everyone!!

- Jamie and Kortney - webmasters
This story is about a girl named Chandler and how she lives with HIV and its starts off with her and a young Tay, Ike, and Zac and her two sisters Jodie and Clarity and then builds upon her death and new people and Hanson, and what happens as they try to move on and face new adventures and hard times, the story is rated between PG 13 and R. Go check it out now and happy reading everyone!

- Carley - webmaster
The Ultimate Fan Fiction Data Base! Go and enter your favorite Fan Fiction!

- Veronica & Samantha - webmasters
Go and read some of the best Fan Fiction around at this page! Go check it out now!

- Valentina - webmaster
Go check the story out now!
- Valentina - webmaster
Go check it out now!

STORY IS: What If?
- Jen - webmaster
What if things were different? What if Hanson had a bass player? What if it was a girl? And what if people actually liked her? How different would everything be? This story takes a journey into the faraway dimension known as "imagination" and examines the possibilities of that pretend scenario... This story is written in first-person. That's how it comes into her head, so that's how it goes out of it. Go check it out now!

SITE IS: Star's Hanson Page
- Angela - webmaster
Go and read long, short and hosted stories and so much more! Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Arguements - (short Story)
- CD Meggers - webmaster
Taylor shows up at a school after school is out to talk to Meghan (me). They both end up arguing over an incident that happened in January of 2000. They're both pretty mad, and have been sent from the gym/cafeteriam to the middle school classroom to work out their problems. Read to find out if they ever make up or not! Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Hanson in Town
- CD Meggers - webmaster
The Hanson family moves from Tulsa, OK to Casper, WY, and they start going to public school. Zac goes to Woods school, not so sure about the whole public school deal. Meghan (me) and Zac become really good friends during Zac's first day, and also have made some other friends who happen to be some friends of Meghan's. Later on, Meghan and some friends decide they want to become a band, and Hanson helps them with the song writing and the insturments. Then Crazy 8 is formed and they get signed to a local record company. In the end, Hanson and Crazy 8 tour together. (the TTA tour) Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Hanson's Still Here (sequel to Hanson in Town)
- CD Meggers - webmaster
The saga continues with the Hanson brothers, Meghan, and Crazy 8. Ike and Tay's in college, the rest in high school with Meghan and Zac attending two different schools. Tay learns something that changes his life FOREVER! Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Staying With Hanson
- CD Meggers - webmaster
Meghan stays with the Hanson family while she goes to a deaf school in Tulsa. Go check it out now!

STORY IS: The Picture
- Cyndee - webmaster
This is a must read story! About a girl that has a picture taken with Taylor and the trials and heartache she must endure due to it! Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Operation Tulsa Thunder
- Adam (merchant) - webmaster
This is a must read story! We find Hanson working for the government and the adventure continues. I don't want to give away the story plot so just go and read this awesome fan fic! Just click on the link or the banner up above to read the story! Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Until Forever Is Through
- J. Taylor - webmaster
Hanson needs a back-up player to fill in for Ravi while he's starting college. Isaac finds a girl who plays all their music so thus begins 6 months on the road with their new guitarist. Lots of adventures, G or PG rating. No cussing, no sexual content, suitable for probably most ages.
The story is now finished! Also by 'popular demand' she has started a continuation to the story. So the story is often updated.. Go check it out now!

STORY IS: The Navy Blue Bandana
- J. Taylor - webmaster
Fans find picture after picture of Zac in his navy blue bandana, but why does he keep wearing it? Zac takes you through his life and what the meaning of the bandana is. Things aren't always as they seem. Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Just To Be Thin
- Lindsay - webmaster
A story about Taylor dealing with anorexia. It is written with truth and sensitivity when someone has to deal with this tragic problem. Go check it out now!

STORY IS: With Your Love You Save Me
- Lucy - webmaster The story is mainy about three girls who go out to find their heritage, you might say and in the middle of all of it they find love and they have to go through alot to get the love of Issac, Taylor, and Zac. Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Punk Rock Prom Queen
- Rachel - webmaster
Meet Darby Evens; pick pocket/thief/runaway/b*tch extrodinaire. Screw manners, this girl owns the world and everybody knows it. No needing to pretend to be nice. But little Darby stole from the wrong people this time around, and she gets her self into some trouble. Just great, she lands her self in the protection of a frickin modern day Partridge Family.

Join Darby in the story of the "PuNk RoCk PrOm QuEen!" Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Moody Blue Butterfly
- Randi - webmaster
It's about life with the Hanson brothers, Taylor being the main focus. It is a "memories" type of story that is yet to be finished. Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Flight - 175
- Chauntel - author
What happened if the Hanson brothers were aboard the fateful flight that crashed into the second World Trade Tower? I wrote this story as a form of therapy for me. I’m not deeply patriotic or anything but I felt an overwhelming sense of loss over what happened in New York and to the Pentagon. Betrayed, even, that mankind can be so heartless to innocent people, calling them ‘victims’ caught in the crossfire. There shouldn’t have to be any of that. I mean no harm with this story. All the names are made-up and are of pure coincidence to anybody in real life that were on the jetliners that went by the same name. I want to offer my condolences to everybody involved. Peace, love, and my prayers. Chauntel AKA ~*Invidi*~ Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Creation Called Fate
- Princess - webmaster
The site that'll link them all to one page.... Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Ever Lonely - (part 1)
- Princess - webmaster
Trials, tribulations and...life. a fifteen year old girl is faced with the biggest tribulation the world could throw her way. the deepest of friendships are tested, and she is forced to make a decision....will she stay? Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Hand in Hand - (part 2)
- Princess - webmaster
Love is true, love is passion, love if life...but is this life for her? she falls desperately in love with a boy, but will he return the desire? can she hold her past behind her and move forward, to brighten and challenge a new life? Go check it out now!

STORY IS: This Time Around: Smile - (part 3)
- Princess - webmaster
Breath is the most precious of all things, and when she returns home, will she find the truth behind the lives. will the life she left open its arms and accept her back into the one place she truly belongs.... his arms? Go check it out now!

- Sheryl - Author
Excellent story! Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Roads (Sequel to Walls)
- Sheryl - Author
Excellent story! Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Through The Door
- L. Fox - Author
A woman about to become a wife, and soon a mother, waits nervously on the other side of matrimony's door... Go check it out now!

STORY IS: Mind To Reality
- Megan - webmaster
Some of the stories on her site are: Then, Now & Always, For All Time, Split In Two, Guardian Angels and Return To You! Go check it out now!

STORY IS: So, There Was This Boy
- Stephanie - webmaster
Go read this excellent story! You won't be sorry! Stephanie is a wonderful writer! Go check it out now! This is the story of Hanson on the road, along for the ride is their long suffering personal assistant, Cleo. Follow Isaac, Taylor, Zac and Cleo as they face early mornings, hurricanes, trips to the hospital, trips to the grocery store and many, many more adventures.

STORY IS: The Quite One
- Krystal - webmaster
Ashley is a wonderful writer! This story will bring tears to your eyes. Taylor has lost his most treasured gift... his voice! The story tells us how he and his family handle the loss. Go check it out now!

- Ashley - webmaster
Go read this tear jerker of a story told through Taylor's little sister Avery! It is beautifully written! Go check it out now!


*Please Note: I have no connections with Hanson, or Hanson's Label. All art on this page is for enjoyment purposes only! No Art can be sold in Hanson's name! The art is mine! You may not copy it without my permission!! Please ask first!! Okay? Thanks!!