To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 24 - Get Us Out Of Here

Taylor threw in the last of the measured Aloe and stood back waving his hand in front of face.
"Whew! That stinks!" Taylor moaned and then coughed feeling like he was going to gag. He couldn't believe how much the stuff stunk. He limped painfully back over to the table and looked down at the recipe again making sure he did everything right. He noticed that Snow was now sitting near the stairs and smiled at him.
"I don't blame you. It does smell really bad." Taylor said running the back of his hand across his forehead feeling extremely hot. He resisted how sick he was feeling and wanted to continue.
"Man... I'm hungry. Maybe I should rewarm that soup from yesterday." Taylor said to himself and opened the fridge seeing the pot sitting on the top shelf. He grabbed the handles and lifted grunting slightly and slowly limped his way back to the stove plopping it down hard on one of the burners. He grabbed a lid and covered the pot with the steaming ingredients remembering that the recipe called for simmering the stuff for at least a half hour. He bent over and turned the switch seeing the fire ignite under the pot of soup.
"What is that?" Taylor exclaimed looking up hearing a odd humming sound. He noticed that Snow did the same as he took off up the stairs. Taylor limped to the stairs and looked up at the door and listened again with excitement suddenly rushing through him. He knew what the sound now was. He quickly turned and headed for the table.
"The helicopter! I can hear it!" Taylor shouted looking for the walkie talkie and saw it just peeking out from under a towel. He grabbed it turning it on and looked up at the ceiling licking his lips.
"Anybody read me?! Over." Taylor called out filled with joy and listened for a response.
"Come on! Someone answer this thing!" Taylor thought desperately when a voice responded on the other side.
"Tay?! Good! We want to know..."
"I hear a helicopter above us! Over." Taylor bellowed not letting his father finish his question.
"GREAT! YES! That is what I was going to ask. Sam wants to speak with you now. Over." Walker instructed as Taylor started to sweat feeling more excited. He could also hear everyone sounding excited in the background.
"Taylor? This is Sam Smith. I just told the guys in the helicopter that you can hear them. What I want to know is... is the sound loud.... like right above you or do they sound like they are far away in the distance? Over." Sam asked waiting for a answer.
Taylor looked up and listened. He found it hard to tell and swallowed hard.
"Um... it sounds sort of loud. The sound is just to the right... I think by the door. I know when I go by the stairs it sounds the loudest. Over." Taylor answered flinging out his right hand hoping he explained it right for him to understand.
"Now the guys are hovering where they are. Where do you hear the sound now Taylor? Over." Sam asked seriously while everyone stood behind listening with anticipation.
Taylor listened hard and stood by the stairs seeing Snow wagging his tail looking off to the right anxiously. He smiled liking that Snow was indicating where the sound of helicopter was for him.
"Sam? It is defiantly to the right just above us." Taylor said with assurance in his voice.
Sam smiled and relayed the message over to Pete and Tim. Walker rubbed his hands together nervously to hear if they could spot the cabin.
"The whole area is covered in a deep blanket of snow. But we do see a trunk of a huge tree that looks like it was just recently broke off sticking up out of the snow just below us. Tim is going to drop a orange marker down... so tell us if Taylor hears a thump. Okay?" Pete said watching Tim open the door and reach for the marker that was sitting next to him. He grabbed it and then let it fall from his hands seeing it land on the snow and then disappearing as it sank into the snow.
"Tay? Did you hear a thump outside? Over." Sam asked and then waited.
Taylor looked up and heard something hit right on the door making Snow bark loudly.
"YES! It hit the door! It hit the door! Over!" Taylor shouted as he started to cough with tears springing to his eyes.
"Great! Now one more question Tay. Over." Sam asked as Taylor continued to cough and tried to suppress it sucking in a deep breath.
"Umm... What was that again? Over." Taylor rasped as he cleared his throat.
"Are you okay? I want to know if I can possibly speak to Jason? Over." Sam asked hoping he could.
"I'm fine. Well... ah.. Jason is sleeping right now. His fever is still high. Over." Taylor answered gulping hard and saw Snow start to scratch at the bolt on the door.
"Okay. That's okay Taylor. Just let him rest then. Over." Sam assured him feeling sad.
"How long till you get us out of here? Over." Taylor asked wanting to desperately know and felt a dizzy spell hit him. He sat down on the first step feeling sick to his stomach.
"According to Pete, one of the guys above you, said it will take at least two days to travel to get you out. They told me the tree needs to be cut up in order to open the door by the looks of it. That might take another day. Over." Sam told him as Walker, Isaac and Zac bowed their heads not liking that it was going to take that long.
"Oh man! That long? Over." Taylor moaned crinkling his eyebrows together and felt frustrated and angry.
"Don't worry we will be starting today. You never know how long it will be. Maybe it might be sooner. So just hang on Tay! Okay? Over." Sam exclaimed trying to give him hope.
"Yes... I understand. I just hope the food and everything lasts till then. Over." Taylor stated sadly sucking in a shaking breath of air.
"Are you rationing it? Over." Sam asked as Walker came up next to him.
"Yeah I am. Don't worry. Just hurry. I know that I am trying my best to take care of Jason but I know he needs to be in hospital. Over." Taylor declared looking down at his feet when Snow came down the stairs and sat down next to him.
"Taylor? Isaac and Zac including me are going to be going in with the rescue team. We'll be there soon. Over." Walker stated with emotion cracking in his voice hating to think that it was going to be two more days yet until they would only arrive at the site.
"That sounds great. Can't wait to see you! Over." Taylor answered and then stood up knowing that the soup must be hot by now. He limped quickly over to the stove and turned off the burner.
"Just keep in contact and let us know how everything is going. Okay Taylor? Over." Walker exclaimed and listened for Taylor to answer again while Zac and Ike watched with Sherri and Amy standing just behind them.
"Yeah. I will do that. Over and out." Taylor finished and sadly looked at the walkie talkie and noticed that the helicopter was now gone. Tears welled in his eyes as he lifted the wooden spoon from the counter and stirred the soup. He then reached up and opened a cabinet door grabbing two bowls and put them on the counter. Taylor opened a drawer taking the ladel and then carefully dished out the soup. He turned grabbing the bowls and slowly walked over to the bed where Jason still was sleeping soundly. He sat down feeling exhusted and leaned forward touching Jason on the arm. He shook it a little and saw Jason roll his head toward him.

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