The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 2 - Continued

He handed my hair to Adam, who pulled me up.
"Gee, this is nice." I said.
Andrew started to hit me.
"Dad no marks." He said.
I was pushing back into Adam. He lowered his hand.
"Fine I won't leave a mark." He said.
Adam pushed me toward him, letting go of my hair. He grabbed my arms. Adam got a needle and a bottle.
"Time to go nite nite." He said.
I tried to get away. He stuck me in the butt too. Hurting I just collapsed in his arms. When I awoke it was a little past twelve. I wasn't tied, but didn't want to get up. I eventually did, hurting too. I know now how Zac felt. Sick. I was half dressed which was good. I got up and left. There was a note. It said they were done and see ya tomorrow. I went home. I grabbed the key, but stopped before going in, then went in. Zac was home. Ike was there. I walked past the living room area and went on up stairs. There I got my pj's on and took a bath. Zac had seen me come in. I took a bath then walked out. Zac was sitting there.
"You didn't say hey." He said.
"I'm tired." I said.
"Yeah." He said.
I laid down and got confortable. He changed and shut the light off and laid down behind me.
"Jen are you alright?" He asked.
"Yeah." I said.
I slid back some getting closer to him. We both feel asleep.

November 2nd.

We had Zac's party and all and I still went back to 145 111th street everyday. And they have left Zac alone. The surveillance was still going on. Six am I heard the alarm go off and I got up. I got dressed and then went to the truck. Never waking any of them up. I stayed at the surveillance all day and late that night went to the 145 111th street again. I stayed there three or four hours and then went home. Where I went in I took a bath and attempted to go to bed. But no Zac wanted something to.
"Zac...may I please sleep?" I asked.
"I just want to ask you something." He said.
I turned over. "What is it Zac?" I asked.
"How come you come home so late?" He asked.
What do I say? I mean if I told him he wouldn't be happy. No he would be mad or would he be hurt and get over it.
"I work late." I said.
"I want to come tomorrow." He said.
"Zac, you know you can't come." I said.
"Yes I know, but please?" He asked.
"No." I said
"But please." He said.
"NO." I said firmly.
He turned over and I hoped he fell asleep. About thirty minutes passed. I knew he was now crying. I turned over and put my arm around him.
"You know you can't come with me." I said..
"I know." He said.
"Zac, listen. I have been getting off at six, but I have been watching Adam and Andrew too. To see if they are planning anything and so far so good. They seem to have lost you." I said.
"Yeah." He said.
He was hiding something.
"Zac...talk to me." I said.
"Adam came by the other day... that day Josh went with you." He said.
"Yes." I said.
He turned over.
"Is it true? Are you going there in the afternoon.to protect me?" He asked.
I cast my eyes to the bed away from him. I didn't know what to say. I nodded a little.
"Why?" He asked.
Tears formed in my eyes and I wiped them away.
"Zac, I hate seeing you wake up from nightmares. For three weeks you have slept three hours a night. It is wearing you out and I know it. No matter what you say. He promised to leave you alone if I came." I explained.
"I didn't know." He said.
"Zac, I only went because I wanted to protect you." I said.
"I know. You don't have to go back." He said.
"I don't?" I asked.
"No..I want you here with me. I need you here." He said.
I got cuddled up closer to him and we both fell asleep.

November, 3rd

I woke-up at six, like always. I got ready and never woke him up. He had slept pretty good. I got dressed. I was standing in the bathroom.fixing my hair when I heard him start to whine. I walked in and sat down and finished putting it up in a a ponytail. He was laying on his stomach turning over three or four times. I leaned down and shook him.
"Zac, get up." I said.
He turned over but didn't wake up.
"Frig must be a deep sleep." I thought.
I kept shaking him until I woke him up.
"No!" He yelled.
"I'm with you. No one else." I said.
He leaned his head over. Ike ran in, (he had spent the night).
"What?" He asked.
He was really concerned. He and Tay both noticed he wasn't sleeping good. He had his head on my shoulder. I was rubbing his back feeling him calming down.
"Come on. Change and get ready." I said.

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