You've Got Mail

By Kris

Walking into the diner, I quickly look around to see if there are any guys with long blonde hair. Letting out the breath that I didn't know I was holding, I tried to calm myself down and to stop my hands from shaking.
"This is it," I thought to myself. "I'm finally going to know."
Locating a booth all the way in the back, I walk towards it, sitting down in the seat where I can still see the door. Looking down at my watch, I notice that I'm half an hour early. Great.. by the time he gets here, if he even shows up, I'll have already eaten, or I can just wait..

Grabbing the menu on the table, I look to see if there's anything on there that's even the slightest bit appetizing. Who am I kidding? I can't eat. Even thinking about food is making me want to run into the bathroom to worship the porcelain god itself. Sighing, I put the menu back in its place, and look out of the window. How did I get here? Duh.. I know how I got here. He told me to come here. And of course, I listened. If I didn't, I would have kicked myself in the ass for not coming.

I jumped when I heard the bell from the door being open. Damn, I知 jumpy. If I知 not careful, I might turn into his brother, Taylor, and jump my ass right off the booth. Looking at the door, I let out a sigh of relief, seeing that it wasn't him. But I knew that any minute, he'd be coming through that door. And he'd be looking for me. And only me.

Drifting my gaze out of the window again, I let my mind wander, losing myself in my thoughts. I still can't believe where this has all lead to. I can still remember how it all started. With one of my best friends, Kris. With her writing a simple letter, is what really started it all. And then her meeting... well.... him. That痴 what brought me to meeting the person I知 waiting for. That痴 what brought me to this diner, scared out of my wits. I知 kind of afraid to see what is actually going to happen. Looking down at my watch, I sigh again. A little less than ten minutes. Returning my gaze to out the window, I wait.


Pulling my car into a parking place towards the front of the diner, I turn the ignition off and get out. Putting my keys into my back pocket, I look around. Getting the feeling that I知 being watched, I look behind me, only to see that no one's there. Wow, I guess I知 more nervous than I thought I was. Shaking my head, I walk up the steps to the front door, taking a deep breath before finally walking in. After stepping inside; I look around to see if she's there yet. I look down at my watch. Hmm.... 2:30.. I知 right on time. Looking towards the back of the diner, I see her sitting in a booth, all the way in the back against the wall. She must be thinking, by the look on her face. I don't even think she notices that I came in. her gaze hasn't left the window. Shifting my feet a little, I turn the other way and walk towards the bathroom. After finishing up, and washing my hands, I walked back out. Turning the corner, I stop short to watch her. I wonder what she's thinking about. Is she half as nervous as I am? My legs are shaking so bad that it feels as if they're about to jiggle right off my body. Actually, I have half a nerve to turn around right now and run out the door, screaming the whole way. Hmm... frazzled nerves much? Feeling like I should smack myself for being so stupid, I walk slowly towards the table where she's sitting. Yeah, she's definitely thinking. She doesn't know I知 standing right in front of her. So I did the only thing I could do. Gathering my strength, I spoke softly.


I heard the bell from the door, but I didn't bother looking to see who it was. Even after feeling someone looking at me, I didn't move my eyes from the window. Tapping my fingers on the table, I looked down at my watch again. He should be here any minute now. Looking out of the window again, I suddenly feel a presence beside me. I feel myself shudder, knowing who's standing there. And then, I hear him call my name.
It sounds like music to my ears. Closing my eyes, I turn my head and look up at him. Smiling slightly, I scoot out of the booth, standing up, keeping my eyes on him.
"Hi... zac." I said slowly. He smiles, moving towards me and giving me a hug. Damn, he hugs tight. I close my eyes, hugging him back. After moving away, I join him to sit down with me. After sitting back down, we automatically strike up a conversation.
"I hope you haven't been waiting long", he says, while grabbing a menu.
"Oh no, not at all..." I said, grinning. "Only about a half an hour."
I finish, grinning wider.
Seeing the look on his face, I quickly say, "I didn't mind, though. I needed some thinking time anyway."
He nods, lowering his eyes down to the menu. I figured I should get over it and eat. So I grab a menu and after finally getting someone to come over to us to take our orders, we put our menus back and start talking again.
"So.. Now that you really know, does it change anything?" He asks me while taking a sip from his dr. pepper.
"No, of course not," I started to say. "I told you that it wouldn't."
He nodded, apparently accepting my response. We didn't talk that much when our food arrived. Only small comments here and there. Before either of us knew it, an hour had passed. We realized that we had a lot more in common than what we thought we did. He sure does know how to make me laugh. I see him glance down towards his watch, and his eyes get a little wide.
"Something wrong?" I said, through a mouthful of cheesecake.
"No, not really." He starts to say. "I just have to leave in about five minutes or so." He says, looking up at me. I nod, not really having anything to say. After finishing my cheesecake, we argued over who was going to pay the bill. Finally giving up, seeing as how it was a losing battle with him, I let him pay for it. Walking out of the diner into the hot sun, he walked me over to my car.
"It was really great finally being able to see you. You know... away from the Internet, hotel, and so on." He said, smiling. His eyes were sparkling.
"Yeah I know. I really enjoyed myself. We値l definitely have to do it some other time." I replied, putting my key in the door and unlocking it. Throwing my purse into the car, I turn back around and look at him. I shift from foot to foot, smiling slightly.
"Well, I guess I値l see you around. Expect an email from me later on." He said, looking at the ground while taking his keys out. Moving over to me, he gives me yet again another big hug. I smile. This feels like heaven. When he finally pulled away, he didn't stop looking at me. Leaning towards me slowly, I feel his lips quickly brush over mine.
"Cute... he's blushing. SCORE!!!!!," I thought to myself, feeling my lips turn upward.
"Bye Nicole.." ' I heard him say, letting go of my hand slowly.
"Bye zac," I replied, getting into my car and shutting the door. Grinning from ear to ear, I put the key in the ignition, driving all the way home, flying on cloud nine.


Walking into my apartment, I feel the cold air rush onto my hot face. Throwing my purse on the chair in the living room, I quickly walk over to the computer and turn it on. Sitting down, I tap my foot impatiently, waiting for it to finish loading so I could sign onto America Online. About damn time, I thought to myself. I grinned when I heard my computer go 'you've got mail! Clicking on read, I grin even wider when I see that it's an email from Zac.
"Wow, he works fast", I thought to myself, laughing slightly. I open it quickly, dying to see what he has to say.

Like I do you

Secrets and lies float around me
Visions of love still safe and sounding
I know you know me, I know you do
You seem to know all I go through

You know more than what I hide
Little secrets I just can't deny
Feeling lost in an endless place
But knowing someday I will see your face

Time after time I will see this again
And I will remember when I had a true friend
Hours and hours of endless things
My mind floats around in a realm of things
But still I know that you will be there, and still I
Somehow know you will care

I drop what I do and hide what I see
And somehow you still seem to know me
I can't understand this, please tell me why
Because baby I am sitting here and starting to cry

Never have I had a friend like you
Never have I ever been able to be so true
Never in my life, have I loved someone,
Like I do you

Copyrightゥ 2001


Seeing you today was amazing. I can't even begin to describe what I was feeling. Even this poem, highly true, can't even explain it. It was indescribable. Do you believe in love at fight sight? I didn't... until today. I can't wait to see you again.

Always and forever yours,


I sat there, in utter amazement. This was definitely something that I wasn't expecting. But I知 thankful for it. Wiping away the tears that had fallen down my face, unnoticed, I smile to myself. I guess this was the beginning of a wonderful future. Who knows what could happen? I hear my computer say 'you've got mail!' again. Laughing slightly through my tears, I think to myself, yeah... I had mail alright.


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