Put Up Your Kingdom For Sale

Chapter 9 - I happen to be a PAYING customer!

Taylor walked into the bar, and sat down. The bartender walked over, washing out a dirty glass. He took one look at Taylor and sighed.
“Okay, what’s your problem?” he asked, setting the glass down.
“Give me a beer and I’ll tell you.”
The bartender passed a beer to him, and in a few seconds, it was gone. He stood there, eyes wide and jaw dropped down around his ankles.
“I don’t think I want to know what’s on your mind. Got woman trouble?”
”You could say that… more like my brother’s got a woman that happens to be a problem.”
”You’re not happy for him?”
”Not when she’s a fucking gold digging slut!”
“Whoa, now don’t get mean, there are some nice ladies in this place.”
Taylor looked around for the first time. To his left were a few drunk guys playing cards, and to his left was a completely sober man with a scotch in one hand and the other around the waist of a woman in a VERY short skirt and LOW CUT blouse.
“Good for nothing WHORE!” he shouted, attempting to take another swig of beer. “Yo! Give me another one! No actually give me something stronger!”
”Tell me what’s going on, maybe I’ll give it to ya.”
“Fine…~flashback~ My girlfriend and I had invited my brothers and their girlfriends to dinner because our friends were in town and thought it would be nice to get all of us together. Well Phyllis and I were fine, as were Amanda and Holly, our friends, and Ike and Candy, short for Candice, were just arriving. We were waiting on Zac and his girlfriend Claire. Well, he didn’t bring Claire, he brought EVE! She’s almost as tall as he is, with heels, has tan skin, long black hair, bright green eyes, and yeah, she’s attractive, but she’s like almost 10 years his senior! And she played so innocent! She played like she didn’t know about Claire, and Zac just lied to all of us and said that things with him and Claire weren’t working! BULLSHIT! Things were fine! He had no problem getting along with Claire, they were a really nice couple, and she loves him… and he goes and dumps her like yesterday’s garbage because of some tall, gorgeous BITCH who had the nerve to play like she didn’t know about Claire. If she were really Zac’s girlfriend, he would tell her everything, he always does with the people he’s close to…
“I could see it on Holly’s face, that all of my assumptions were true… Zac’s cheating on Claire with this Eve woman. Holly may look and act dumb, but she’s smarter than she let’s on. Amanda just looked as if she was sorry for Zac for having to break up with Claire, but she knows too, we all do. I mean, he talks to her on the phone and thinks that no one is listening, but we are… we hear what he says. He says he loves her, yet he’s given no implication as to the fact that he’s dumped Claire. He didn’t even make an attempt before tonight to tell us that he’s got a new girlfriend. And of course he picks someone older… someone a hell of a lot prettier than Claire maybe, but does she even love him for more than the money? I mean, we’re releasing a new album soon, so of course Zac’s going to spend money on his girl, but why her? I mean, we all like Claire, thought of her as family. She was the perfect addition, the perfect someone for Zac, and she was just like, pushed aside by this bitch…
“I wanted to ream him in the restaurant. But I was nice and just got up and left. Of course I took Phyllis’ car so she’d have to get a ride home from Candy and Ike, but that’s no problem. Stuff like this happens. I just wish I knew what he sees in this Eve woman. I see nothing good about her… May I have my drinks now? I happen to be a paying customer!”
The bartender shook his head as to clear it and gave Taylor his stiffest drink. (Don’t ask what it is… it’s too complicated to pronounce, let alone spell)

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