Put Up Your Kingdom For Sale

Chapter 7 - Listening is believing.

“What Phyl?”
“Can you hold my bag?” Phyllis asked. She walked over to him and handed it to him.
“How much stuff are you two planning on buying?” Ike asked, smiling over at Phyllis.
“As much as you two can hold.” Candy smiled.
“We’re going to go in Victoria’s Secret. I need a new bra.” Phyllis said as her and Candy started to head towards the store.
“Oh Come on Phyl! Please, don’t make me go in there.” Taylor moaned.
“It’s SOO embarrassing.” He added.
“Yeah, it’s horrible to have to go in there.” Ike began. Phyllis just smiled and headed in the store with Candy behind her. Ike and Taylor sat down on a seat and put the bags down.
“This is so humiliating.” Taylor said, putting his head down, hoping no one saw him.
“It could be worse.” Ike laughed.
“How?” asked Taylor, as he looked up at his older brother.
“They could ask us how they look in…” Ike began.
“Tay…what do you think about this one?” Phyllis asked, coming out of the dressing room and modeling a black wonder brazier.
“GET BACK IN THE DRESSING ROOM!” Taylor yelled, jumping up and pushed her along.
“You know how many guys are looking at you!”
“Oh get over it.” Phyllis laughed. She headed back in the dressing room and Taylor sat back down. He went beat red and Ike started to laugh.
“SHUT UP!” Taylor yelled and smacked him with a bag.
“HEY! Don’t throw those bags around, there are valuable things in there!” Candy yelled, walking out of the dressing room in a purple boustier. Taylor started to laugh as Ike went flush. He ran up and covered Candy with his body.
“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU TWO!” Ike yelled.
“You know that there aren’t any guys looking at us. You guys are the only ones in here.” Candy laughed.
“Don’t remind us.” Taylor called.

Phyllis and Candy finished in the store and left, handing Ike and Taylor their newly purchased items.
“No more stores like that please.” Taylor pleaded.
"Well, I WAS tempted to go in Frederick’s of Hollywood…” Phyllis said, smiling over at Candy.
“Oh God no!” Ike said defensively.
“I want to go and get a pair of black pumps.” Candy said, heading towards a shoe store.
“PLEASE! We’re so tired. Our feet are killing us and we haven’t eaten anything all day!” Ike complained as he and Taylor lagged behind, carrying the majority of the bags.
“I think we should stop for today Candy. They are really tired.” Phyllis said, looking at Taylor sympathetically. Ike and Taylor’s eyes lit up as Phyllis said that.
“You two go home and we’ll finish getting some stuff.” Said Phyllis. She walked over to Taylor and kissed him on the cheek.
“And…you two could separate our stuff too if you don’t mind.” She smiled. Taylor rolled his eyes then nodded his head.
He and Ike left and Phyllis and Candy went into the shoe store. Candy found her black pumps and sat down to try them on.
“I really hope that nothing is going on with Zac.” Phyllis said, grimacing at the thought.
“It would be horrible. I always thought that Zac and Claire had a really great relationship.” Candy answered.
“Well, let’s just hope that the rumor isn’t true.” Phyllis said.

Taylor walked around the side of the car and opened the back door, shoving about ten bags in the back. Ike handed his bags to Taylor. They got in the car and pulled out of the mall parking lot.
“I’m so tired. I can’t believe they dragged us through that whole mall.” Taylor said, turning the steering wheel.
“Never again.” Ike said, shaking his head.
“Those girls can shop.” Taylor laughed.
“Give Candy a credit card and that’s it, she’s gone.” Ike laughed.
They headed down the road, towards Zac’s condo.
“Wanna stop by for a visit?” Taylor asked, turning to look at his brother.
“Nah, I’m tired. I think I just want to get back to your place and crash for a little.”
Taylor looked out the window as they started to go pass Zac’s driveway. They stopped at the red light right at the intersection.
“OH MY GOD!” Taylor yelled, pointing out the window.
“What?” Ike asked, looking over, out Taylor’s window.
“Do we know anyone with a black corvette?” Taylor asked.
“No.” Ike said, looking in Taylor’s face.
“It looks like…it looks like Zac…and…” Taylor began.
“SHIT!” Taylor yelled as the light turned green. He floored it and drove past the driveway.
“Does Claire have a black corvette?” asked Ike.
“No. She doesn’t even have a car.” Taylor said, trying to keep his eyes on the road.
“I can’t believe this. Why would he be kissing someone else if he’s going out with Claire?” Taylor added.
“I don’t know. Maybe we just thought we saw it.” Said Ike, trying to justify the incident.
“None of this to the girls. They’ll blow it way out of proportion.” Taylor said.
For the rest of the ride home, Taylor and Ike kept silent. Taylor put the radio on and bobbed his head to the beat of the song. He pulled into his driveway and got out of the car, opening the back door to get the packages out. They headed up to the house and walked in.

“I wonder if the guys did what we asked.” Phyllis said, pulling into the driveway.
“Probably not. Ike doesn’t want to have to anything that has to do with work other than music.” Candy laughed. Phyllis and Candy walked in the door, putting their bags down at their feet.
“WAKE UP!” Candy yelled. Ike was curled up in a chair and Taylor was lying on the couch with his arm over his face, snoring away. Ike woke up suddenly, blinking and smiled over at the girls.
“Hey, you’re back.” He smiled, still attempting to keep his eyes open. Phyllis walked over to the couch. She bent down and put her hand lightly on Taylor’s arm.
“Wake up.” She whispered in his ear.
“Huh? What?” Taylor murmured.
“I see you two didn’t do what we asked you.” Candy smiled, putting her hands on her hips.
“Sorry. We were so tired and…” Ike said, trying to defend himself.
“It’s all right. We knew you weren’t going to do it anyway.” Phyllis smiled and sat down on the couch by Taylor.
“You have so much faith in us.” Said Taylor, yawning and stretching out his arms. He put an arm around Phyllis’ shoulder.
“Well, I’m going to go and separate that stuff, want to help Candy?” Phyllis said, moving Taylor’s arm from her shoulder. Candy and her headed upstairs, leaving Ike and Taylor again.
“Do you really think that Zac was…well…” Ike began but bit his lip.
“I don’t think we should talk about this.” Taylor said.

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