Put Up Your Kingdom For Sale

Chapter 23 - Untitled

Taylor came down the stairs and noticed Jordan in the living room, playing with his trucks. Taylor couldn’t believe that every time he looked at his children, he was reminded of his brother. It had been years since Zac’s death. Jordan and Cat were now five years old and were starting kindergarten.
“Hey hon.” Phyllis said as she came in the door. Cat was walking in with her, holding a bag while Phyllis held their three year old son, Gareth, by the hand. Phyllis tried to balance holding a bag in her hand, holding Gareth’s hand and manuevering her body around. She was after all pregnant with their fourth child.
“Did you have fun shopping with mommy?” Taylor asked as he bent down on one knee and hugged Cat and Gareth.
“Yes.” They both smiled. Taylor grabbed the bags from Phyllis and Cat and brought them into the kitchen. Jordan got up and put his trucks away like he always did. He ran over to Phyllis and hugged her leg.
“Did you get my candy?” Jordan asked with a toothy smile.
“Hon, you have to wait until the party.” Phyllis smiled. She staggered over to the couch and sat down. Jordan and Cat immediately sat down next to their mother while Gareth reached up to Taylor.
“Pick me up!” He whined. Taylor smiled and picked his son up and sat down on the couch.
“I can’t believe Claire is getting married.” Phyllis said.
“It’s great.” Taylor smiled and wiped Gareth’s face which was covered with what looked like animal cracker crumbs.
“Amanda and Kodiak are coming over early to help me out.” Phyllis added.
“I thought Candy and Holly were too.” Taylor questioned as he looked back to Phyllis.
“Candy and Ike are going to be late because they need to pick up the cake and Holly is going with them.” Phyllis answered.
“Oh.” Taylor said.
“Well, at least Amanda can help.” Taylor smiled. He pulled Gareth off his lap and sat him down on the couch.
“Who wants juice!?” He called as he went into the kitchen. The three kids scrambled off the couch and ran in the kitchen after Taylor. He poured them their juice and they sat back in the living room.
“Well, no use in sitting around all day. I have to vacuum.” Phyllis said as she got up off the couch.
“Phyl, why don’t you sit down and I’ll take care of it.” Taylor said, taking her hand in his.
“No…no. I’m tired of sitting around all the time just because I’m pregnant.” Phyllis smiled.

Amanda and Kodiak pulled into the driveway of Phyllis and Taylor’s. Amanda got to the front door first and knocked. Phyllis opened the door and ushered both of them in.
“Hey Phyl.” Kodiak said and kissed her on the cheek.
“Hey.” She said. Phyllis smiled at Amanda and they walked in and Kodiak sat down on the couch.
“Man, can you help me in the kitchen.” Phyllis asked as she staggered into the kitchen.

“So, have you and Taylor discussed names yet?” Amanda asked.
“We can’t agree on a name. He wants traditional names and I want something weird. We just can’t agree. Any ideas?” Phyllis said as she started to peel carrots for a salad. Amanda began to cut up celery in silence.
“So…” Phyllis asked.
“I’m thinking…I’m thinking…” Amanda said.
“How about Saihoushi?” Amanda smiled.
“Sai whaty?” Phyllis said with a weird look on her face.
“Saihoushi. It’s Japanese for Taylor.” Amanda smiled again.
“Uh…I want weird, not Japanese. Try again.” Phyllis said as she resumed peeling the carrots.
“I can’t think of anything Phyl. You do this to me every time.” Amanda said in disgust.
“Fine, I’ll just ask Holly when she gets here…” Phyllis said.
“Ask Holly what?” Taylor asked as him and Kodiak walked into the kitchen.
“Amanda said we should call the baby…Sai…Sai…damn it, what was it?” Phyllis asked annoyed.
“Saihoushi.” Amanda smiled.
“Uh…what ever happened to Bill or Bob?” Kodiak asked.
“Hey, it’s original!” Amanda said and put the knife down on the table.
“I think we want something more American. Thanks anyway Manda.” Taylor said and smiled awkwardly.

“HEY ALL!” Holly called as she opened the door. Candy and Ike followed her in with Ike carrying the cake for the party.
“Oh, good, you got the cake.” Phyllis smiled as she came out of the kitchen and took it from Ike.
“I’ll take it.” She said.
“Okay.” Ike smiled. He stopped when he felt something tugging on his hand. He looked down and there was Gareth, smiling happily up at him.
“Uncle Ike, I want a piggy back ride…” Gareth said, reaching up for him.
“Gareth, don’t bother Ike.” Phyllis said, looking around Amanda at her son.
“I don’t mind.” Ike smiled as he picked him up and put him on his back.
“I’m taking him outside. Cat! Jordan! Do you two want to come out too?” Ike called.
“Sure!” Cat yelled. Jordan remained where he was standing.
“I think I just want to stay inside Uncle Ike, if you don’t mind.” He smiled.
“Sure.” Ike said and shrugged as he brought the other two children out. Candy walked to the window and watched him as he played with the kids.
“Ike would be so great as a father.” She said and sighed.
“How is the adoption going?” Amanda asked.
“It’s not. For some reason, it’s just not working out.” Candy said and sighed again as she made her way in the kitchen. Taylor and Kodiak went outside and Taylor finally coaxed Jordan to join.
“I’m sorry Candy. We know how badly you guys want children.” Amanda said and put her hand gently on Candy’s arm.
“Oh, that’s all right.” She said and smiled.

Everyone arrived, including Claire and her fiance’, a man by the name of Kyle whom she had met during college. The kids were playing on the living room rug while the adults sat around on the couch and chairs.
“Oh, we should get the you know what!” Phyllis smiled as she attempted to get up.
“Sit Phyl, we’ll get it.” Amanda and Holly said as they headed into the kitchen. They brought out the cake and put it in front of Claire and Kyle.
“Oh wow, thank you!” Claire smiled and turned to Kyle.
“This is beauti…” Kyle began until the phone rang.
“Man, could you get that?” Phyllis asked Amanda.
“Sure.” Amanda smiled as she got up and headed into the kitchen.

“Uh…hello, I…uh…I’m looking for Eve.” A woman’s voice said over the line.
“There is no one here by that name.” Amanda said and started to hang up the phone.
“I’m looking for Eve Fae. She specifically gave me this number.” The woman said.
“Eve Fea?” Amanda said in shock. Taylor heard this and immediately ran into the kitchen, taking the phone from Amanda. He motioned for her to go back into the kitchen.
“Hello?” He said.
“Uh…I was wondering if you have seen Eve. Is this Taylor?” The woman’s voice said.
“Who…who is this?” Taylor asked.
“My name is Sophie. I’m Eve’s best friend.” She answered.
“Sophie, I hate to tell you this but Eve passed away…in a fire.” Taylor said.
“Oh.” Sophie said. Taylor could hear the woman on the line start to cry.
“Well…uh…she…she…she wanted to…to let you…you know…uh…she had a son. She wrote me a letter…uh…saying that if anything ever happened to her where as I couldn’t find her…uh…then…I…should send her son to live with the closest living relatives…” Sophie said, choking on her words.
“Her son?” Taylor said with wide eyes.
“Ye-yes. She had a little boy. He’s 4 years old. He’s Zac’s.” Sophie answered.
“So she wasn’t lying.” Taylor said and stopped, thinking about the funeral.
“She told you?” Sophie said in shock.
“She had mentioned a child but I didn’t believe her.” Taylor answered.
“Well, uh…I have made a schedule to send him out in a week. I…I don’t know who is going to take care of him but…” Sophie said, beginning to choke again.
“I know who will.” Taylor smiled as he glanced over at Ike and Candy who both held his children on the couch.

Everyone all waited in anticipation as the plane arrived.
“I…I…I can’t believe it. We…we’re finally going to have a child.” Candy said, crying as Ike held her around the waist. He smiled and held her tightly. Everyone was there. Candy, Ike, Taylor, Phyllis, the kids, Holly, Amanda, Kodiak, Mr. and Mrs. Hanson, Jessie, Avie, Macky, and even Claire. The gate door opened and everyone stood there, waiting and looking around as the passengers made their way off the plane and out of the gate. Suddenly, a stewardess came out of the gate. Everyone looked down. She held a little boy by the hand. His face was masked by a teddy bear that he was clutching. He had jean jacket on, a pair of blue jeans and a red shirt along with a little back pack.
“This is your family.” The stewardess smiled as she bent down to him. She patted him on the head and led him to Ike and Candy. Ike immediately knelt down on the floor. The little boy still kept his face hidden behind the teddy bear and his eyes were hidden behind blonde hair.
“Hello.” Ike smiled as he took his hand. The little boy lowered the teddy bear and smiled.
“Oh my god!” Taylor said outloud as he looked on the child with wide eyes.
“He looks exactly like Zac.” He added.
“What’s your name?” Candy asked, bending down to his level.
In a british accent, the little boy said loudly.
“My name is Zacharay Fae Hanson. I’m 4 years old. You must be my mom and dad.” He smiled a toothy grin that made him look so much like Zac that they all could have sworn it was Zac himself. He smiled again and leaped into Ike’s arms. Ike and Candy started to cry from happiness. Taylor stared at the child and smiled.
“He’s home. Zac is finally home.” He said and let the tears fall down his face.

The End

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