Put Up Your Kingdom For Sale

Chapter 15 - Wedding bells

“Phyl, here’s your flowers.” Holly said, handing Phyllis her bouquet of flowers.
“Aren’t you going to wear some shoes?” Candy asked as she looked down at Phyllis’ bare feet.
“No, I want to be barefoot for my wedding.” Phyllis smiled. She turned and looked in the full length mirror. She had her hair down, half pulled back in a loose braid. Woven in the strands were wild flowers and ribbons. Her dress wasn’t fancy in any way. She didn’t want anything big and expensive but instead a simple white dress that came off her shoulders that had a white corsit bodice tied with colorful ribbons. She smoothed out some of the folds and turned back around.
“What do you think?” she smiled.
“I think you look beautiful.” Holly smiled and leaned in, hugging her.
“Good choice with the bridesmaids dresses too.” Amanda said, looking down at her dress that was similar to Phyllis’ except green.
“You guys can wear your shoes if you want.” Phyllis said.
“No, no, we’re fine.” Candy smiled. Her dress was a light yellow and Holly’s was a blue that matched her eyes.
“Where’s Nicole?” Phyllis questioned, looking all around.
“She’s getting your garter belt.” Amanda smiled. Just as Amanda had said it, Nicole had walked in the room with garter belt in hand. She had on a red dress similar to the other bridesmaids dresses.
“Here.” She smiled as she handed it to Phyllis.
“Thanks.” Phyllis smiled and rolled her eyes. She lifted the bottom of her dress and pulled the garter belt on.
“Are we ready?” Candy smiled.
“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Phyllis said and took a deep breath.
“Let’s go.” She said. They walked out of the room and out of the house. Phyllis climbed in the limo carefully with the girls behind.

“Taylor, let me help you with that.” Ike said, walking over to his brother.
“You know, Phyllis said you didn’t have to wear a tie.” Ike said, looking at Taylor as he attempted to tie it for him.
“I know, but…I want to look nice today. It is my wedding.” Taylor smiled.
“Yeah, but didn’t she say that she didn’t care and that she wasn’t even planning on wearing shoes.” Ike said, as he straightened Taylor’s collar. He still couldn’t get the tie right.
“Oh forget the tie already.” Taylor said, pulling it from his neck and throwing it on the bed. He walked over to the mirror to inspect himself. He had on a pair of black dress pants and a white dress shirt.
“Hey Tay, what about that other shirt that Phyllis wanted you to wear. That dress shirt you have on looks uncomfortable.” Ike said, sitting on the bed.
“You mean that really nice peasant shirt?” Taylor questioned, looking back at Ike.
“Hey, why not.” Taylor smiled. He walked to the closet and grabbed it off the hanger. He unbuttoned the dress shirt he already had on and slipped the peasant shirt on over his head.
“This thing is really comfortable, I’m surprised.” Taylor said, straightening it out.
“You look nice.” Ike said.

“Hey Tay.” Mackie’s voice broke out.
“Hey Mack.” Taylor said as he turned to look at his little brother who wasn’t so little anymore. He was now 12 years old and reminded Taylor of Zac at that age.
“Taylor, this was outside on the stoop. It had your name on it.” Mack said, handing Taylor a small box.
“Thanks.” Taylor smiled as he took the box from Mack. Mack left the room and Taylor looked down at the box.
“Whose it from?” Ike asked.
“I don’t know.” Taylor said, looking at Ike.
“Well, open it.” Ike smiled. Taylor carefully opened the box. Inside was a piece of paper, folded up and underneath was a silver cross on a silver chain. Taylor gasped, looking at it. It was very simple but beautiful. He pulled it out of the box carefully and looked at it.
“What is it?” Ike asked.
“It’s a cross.” Taylor said, showing it to Ike.
“Wow, I wonder when Phyllis had time to get that?” Ike asked.
“I have no idea. I want to read the note.” Taylor said, handing the box and neclace to Ike for him to hold. He unfolded the paper.
(For you on your wedding day. Taylor, this is just something for you. You are very important to I and the family. Love, ?)
“It says love, question mark. Why would she put a question mark?” Taylor said and looked at Ike.
“Who knows. Put it on.” Ike smiled and handed it to Taylor. Taylor put it around his neck and clasped it.
“Well, lets get this show on the road.” Ike said, getting up from the bed.
“Not nervous, are ya?” Ike laughed, as he put his arm around Taylor’s shoulder.
“Out of all the most public things I’ve done, this doesn’t even come close.” Taylor smiled. They walked out of the house with Mack and the rest of the people in the house and got in the limo.

Phyllis’ limo pulled up to the church.
“Why are we here Phyl?” Amanda questioned.
“The press are going to be all over this so we’re leaving the limo here so they think that we’re getting married at the church. We’re basically skipping out on them.” Phyllis smiled.
“Now hand me that coat.” Phyllis said. Amanda handed her a black coat and Phyllis got out of the car quickly.
“Come on.” She said, waving for the girls to come. They left the limo and got into Phyllis’ black elantra.
“This is the weirdest way to get to a wedding.” Candy said.
“Hey, it works.” Amanda said.

Taylor made his way down the aisle towards the minister. The area that they had decided to get married in was in an open area of the woods. It was a beautiful place that Phyllis and Taylor had gone to on countless dates. It was special for them. The light was shining through the trees as Taylor looked out to the crowd of his family and friends. Ike stood next to him as his best man and Mack was making his way down the aisle too. He smiled at Ike and looked to the front row of seats and smiled at his parents. His mother was crying into a hankerchief and his father was smiling up at him. Taylor took a deep breath and sighed as he waited patiently. He stopped, noticing that the crowd of people was getting bigger and bigger. No longer was it just his friends and family but he could see the press, slowly making their way in. He took another deep breath.
“We’re blockaded, they can’t get in.” Ike whispered to him.
“Thanks Ike.” Taylor smiled.
“No problem. The only pictures they’ll get will probably be of Phyllis coming down the aisle and the backs of peoples heads.” Ike added.
“I wish they couldn’t get pictures of her.” Taylor said, gritting his teeth.
“Don’t worry about it.” Ike said. They stopped when the music started to play. Taylor recognized the song as one of their own. He smiled and waited. First down the aisle was Nicole. She had her dark hair pulled up into a french twist and her red dress was beautiful. Candy followed. Her dark ringlets were out and her yellow dress looked similar to Nicole’s. Next was Amanda. Amanda smiled at Taylor and winked. Her brown hair was pulled into a loose braid and her green dress flowed as she walked. Last of the bridesmaids was Holly. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a bun with a few tendrils and she had on a blue dress. Taylor sucked in big breath as he waited patiently for Phyllis to come down the aisle. The music played and Taylor could see her. She came down, with her father holding her arm. She had her hair pulled half back in a loose braid with ribbons and flowers tucked in. Her white dress was beautiful and she came down, smiling at Taylor. She met him and her father shook Taylor’s hand and put her hand in his. He kissed Phyllis on the cheek and sat down with Phyllis’ mother. Taylor smiled as she stood next to him.

“She looks beautiful.” Zac said, looking through the crowd of people from his spot in the back.
“Yes she does.” Eve said. She looked all around, noticing the different people and the press that weren’t too far behind them.
“Zac, maybe we should move up so…you know…the press don’t have a field day with the two of us.” Eve said, nudging him in the arm.
“No, I can’t. Taylor doesn’t know I’m here.” Zac said, looking at her.
“What about that gift you left him.” Eve questioned.
“I didn’t say that it was from me.” Zac said, looking back over to Taylor and Phyllis, exchanging vows.
“What do you mean you didn’t say that it was you?” Eve asked.
“I just put in the note, love question mark. He doesn’t need to know that it was me who gave him the cross.” Zac answered.
“Why should you have to hide out at your own brother’s wedding!” Eve said angrily.
“Eve, just let it go. I’m just happy that Taylor and Phyllis are happy. I’m fine with the way things are.” Zac said, still looking at the couple.
“Zac Hanson, I just don’t get you sometimes.” Eve said, rolling her eyes and sighing.
“I know and you love me for it.” He smiled.
“Yeah, your right.” She smiled back. Eve watched Zac closely. He looked so happy for his brother. Eve couldn’t understand it. After all the things that Taylor had put Zac through, Zac still made the attempt to show Taylor he still loved him. Eve knew it would be hard to break that bond. That was the only way to get Zac’s full devotion, no matter what.

“You may kiss the bride.” The minister said and smiled at the couple. Taylor leaned in and kissed Phyllis. The minister turned them around to face the crowd.
“I would like to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Hanson.”

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