Into The Hands Of Evil

Chapter 4

Back in their room, the six children had started talking.
"So how'd they get you?" Alanna asked the Hansons curiously. "I mean, don't you guys have bodyguards and stuff?"
"Well yeah, but we're supposed to be taking a break right now! We'd just finished our last interview and gotten home - we conked out on the stairs, so I guess they put gas in the ventilation system or some..."
"Very intuitive. How clever of you to figure all that out." Deena leant against the door frame lazily, a revolver in hand. "You - redhead - get over here, now."
"Why the hell should I?" Alanna glared at her defiantly, resenting her superior manner.
"Because if you don't, I'll blow your brains out." Deena spoke slowly, as though she was speaking to a five-year-old. "Look, I don't like your attitude, and I don't plan on taking any lip from you, so do yourself a grand favour - keep the gap in your face shut and do as I say." Impatient, she released the safety catch of her gun and pointed it at Alanna. Keeping her eyes on the gun, Alanna slowly got to her feet and walked towards Deena.
"Christ, what the ..." Deena let out a yelp of surprise. Her face drained of colour as she stared into Alanna's eyes.
"What's taking so long?!" Bill approached the scene.
"Bill, this kid's a freak - she's a witch or something." Deena rambled mindlessly her gaze never shifting. By now, the rest of the gang had assembled around the two girls.
"Will you look at that! The little tyke has purple lamps!" Raoul breathed in amazement. Alanna turned to fix her stare on him, her wide purple eyes blinking in the sudden light after the relative darkness in the room.
"Alright, the bitch has purple eyes, so what? Get back to whatever you were doing, I have some business to take care of." And with that, Bill yanked Alanna's arm roughly, pulling her away from the crowd to his private office.


After Alanna was taken out, the remaining five children glanced at each other before retreating to opposite sides of the room, Thom and Rayne on one side, and Isaac, Taylor and Zac on the other side.
"This is too weird. We're kidnapped, along with three other kids, two are twins, the other has PURPLE EYES - this is totally weird." Zac was shaking his head, voicing the thoughts in his brothers' minds.
"What's gonna happen to us now?" Taylor wondered aloud, his mind working at a thousand miles per hour as he processed everything that had happened so far. Isaac looked at his younger brother and grinned, knowing that he had entered his little 'Taylor World' again, and wouldn't be available for discussion for a good few hours. He tapped Zac on the shoulder and nodded to the bathroom door.
"I'm going to take a leak, 'k?"
"Cool man, tell me what the facilities are like." Zac grinned and leant against the wall, fingering his newly shorn hair, staring off into space.

On the other side of the room, Thom was trying desperately to comfort his twin sister.
"They're going to kill us, I know it."
"No they're not. Dad'll pay the ransom and then they'll send us back." Rayne just shook her head and wiped her eyes, still not believing her brother.
"No. C'mon Thom, tell me you're not scared shitless by all this crap. Tell me... look me straight in the eye... and tell me you think this is gonna have a happy ending." Her voice steadied and her quiet sobs subsided. Her twin sighed and looked away, knowing she was right.
"Hey, let's not think about that, huh? What say we go and make friends with the guys?" He changed the subject with ease and rose to his feet, pulling his sister with him. They reached the corner where Taylor and Zac sat and plopped down.
"Hey man, how's it going?" Thom stepped into conversation with Zac easily, although Taylor was still out of it. Rayne joined in the conversation as well, and soon, all four teens were chatting merrily.
"Oooh, a party! Can I join?" Isaac squealed in a falsetto voice as he emereged from the bathroom. Zac shook his head in disbelief at how dorky his twenty year old brother could still be at times. As they resumed conversation, the door was opened, Alanna was pushed in, and the door was slammed shut and locked again.


In his office, Bill paced behind his desk while Alanna fixed her gaze on him, wondering what would come next.
"You don't remember me, do you?" The question was blurted out at her, catching her off guard. She looked back at him in surprise and wracked her brain for any memory of him. She came up empty handed and shook her head no. Her hands gripped the edges of her chair, her wrists bruised from the ropes that had bound her previously.
He smiled, noticing her nervousness, "I remember you. I used to be your father's chauffeur. He fired me a year ago for a little pilfering - the stupid bastard." He spat this out bitterly, walking up to face her, squatting so he could meet her gaze at eye level.
"I had a good life going before your son of a bitch father messed it up for me. But now it's my turn to mess his life up." An insane grin curled his lip as his hand reached for her cheek. She flinched and instinctively pulled away from his touch. His grin widened as his hand travelled down her neck. Terrified, she pushed her chair back and stood up, her cool expression masking the terror she felt.
"Stay away from me." She moved to the door, keeping her eyes on him warily. He laughed.
"Go ahead." He watched her reach for the door knob and turn to flee. In the instant her back was turned to him, he stepped up to her. She struggled with the door knob, tugging at it frantically, willing it to open. Tears started trickling down her cheeks. He turned her around roughly to face him.
"You shoulda remembered that I have the keys, bitch."
"Don't do this, please don't do this." Her pleas came out in a choked whisper, her courage wavering as he leaned in closer.
"Don't worry, I won't be screwing you. Not yet anyway." His hand was on her breast, the other around her back, pinning her arms to her sides. He let go of her, his eyes glittering with hungry malice. She backed into the door, her sight blurred with tears, her usually strong limbs limp with terror and relief. He pushed her aside and unlocked the door and pulled her outside. No one else was in sight and he quickly took her to the room where the others were kept. He shoved her inside brusquely and shut the door.

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