A Glimpse

By Caitlin

Fame, itís seriously overrated if you asked me. Itís because of fame that my life is such a living hell. I barely have any friends, the ones I do have are so sick of me not being home half the time, I canít date without fans freaking out and harassing her, I canít live my own life without somebody dissecting it. I just want my life back.

Sure because of fame Iím able to "live out my dream". Yeah if my dream is to have no life and all about the money we make and record sales. When did it stop being about the music? When did everyone stop caring?

I look back at the past five years of our career. At first it was so much fun. We were able to record, travel, see so many exciting and new places, have thousands of screaming girls love our songs and support us. It was everything I thought I wanted. We soon headed back into the studio to work on our second album. It took us two years to complete it. Our record company was bought out and we had new management to impress. At this point I was tried and worn out. I missed everything being at home and just being a teenager.

We released ĎThis Time Aroundí in the spring of 2000. Commercially it was a failure. We had lost so many fans because they had simply "grown out of us or they were plain tried of waiting for the album to be released. But we still had the loyal fans, the ones who till stuck by us. The ones who respected our music and had faith in us. The record company still wasnít thrilled with the albums success, or lack there of. As far as they were concerned, we werenít worth their time or money. I missed my friends. I missed my life before Hanson made it big. But we had to press on, we just couldnít stop.

So we toured. Thatís the only thing that really kept us going. Being able to see our fans enjoying the music. It gave me such a rush. By the time we headed back into the studio to work on our third album, I was excited and more than ready to create something the fans would enjoy. We wrote and co-wrote so many songs. It was fun for awhile. The record company was riding us. The pressure they put us under was almost unbearable. We had to make everything perfect. We had to gain new fans not lose the ones we had. Itís been almost three years since ĎThis Time Aroundí and weíre still not done.

When Taylor got married in June all hell broke loose in our fan base. They started losing it, bashing Natalie dropping Hanson altogether because their favorite member was now no longer on the market. That pissed me of so badly. We gave up our time and energy to give them the music we created for them as well as ourselves and they just gave up on us. It makes me so angry to know how fans can be so cold hearted and shallow. Sometimes I wonder if all of this is actually worth it? Should I give up my life for people who honestly donít seem to care about what should really matter, the music.

Zac Hanson

Authorís Note:

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I want to make sure those of you who read this story understand where it came from and why it was written.

I just wanted to say that this story is not stating all fans are like this. I just wanted to get that out into the open before it is mistaken as such. I wrote this after witnessing some fans reactions to current events in the lives of the brothers Hanson. I do not believe all fans are like this. There are many who simply support the band no matter what. I have major respect for those people. Again please do not mistake my story as an accurate description of Zacís feelings towards fame and Hansonís fans. This is simply something I wrote after some serious thinking on what Hanson has been through and what they will continue to go through for us, their fans.

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