Celebrity Wall Flower

Chapter 6 - Phyllis' POV

We got off the bus and were immediately bombarded by screaming girls taking pictures and holding signs. I wasn't expecting it or at least that early in the morning. I ran off the bus, trying to get away from the annoyingness of it all. I was almost to the door, when one girl managed to get passes and started hugging me, squeezing all of the air out of my body.
"GET OFF!" I yelled and pealed her off angrily. Suddenly, everything seemed to go silent. I swear I thought I could hear crickets.
"Uh…you were squeezing me too hard." I mumbled, grinned a fake smile and went on my way. It seemed everything was fine after my little out burst. We finally got inside and I closed my eyes, taking a sigh of relief.
"TAYLOR!" I opened my eyes only to stare up at Isaac who seemed incredibly angry.
"What's wrong with you! Why did you do that!" He hissed.
"Do what?" I demanded.
"You know darn well…" He whispered.
"Don't you mean damn well?" I mumbled. He just got angrier.
"You have never done that before! You know they're just excited." He said, trying to calm himself down.
"Nothing to be excited about…anyway, she was squeezing my guts out, what was I supposed to do, let her do it?" I said angrily.
"They're excited about meeting us. Especially you." He said, letting a little venom drip out on the last part.
"What's so exciting about me. I'm just plain old Phyllis…I mean…uh…" I stammered, catching myself. I had totally forgotten which body I had.
"Shit!" I said, hitting myself in the head.
"You know, I think you need help or something. Get it through your head, you're not a girl named Phyllis! You're Taylor…A GUY!" He yelled and then proceeded in turning his back and walking away.
If I wasn't careful, I could destroy everything Taylor worked for all in one fell swoop.
"Taylor! Taylor! I have your wardrobe all pocked out." Some woman said from my right side.
"My wardrobe?" I questioned, narrowing my eyes.
"Yes…pick out something to try on." She grinned.
"This could be fun." I thought and smiled.

I tried on almost every different out fit on the rack, waiting for approval until I finally opted for a pair of black leather pants and a black t-shirt.
"Damn does he look good in these clothes." I thought as I looked at the reflection of his body in the mirror.
"We ready?" I heard the photographer call.

I walked out, feeling a little bit more confident than I ever had in my own body.
"All right…Taylor…you stand here…Zac…you sit there, with your arms like that and Ike…well…do something natural." The photographer smiled as he had an assistant pose us.
"Perfect…fabulous…okay…go!" He called. I didn't quite know what he meant by 'go' but I turned and watched Zac and Isaac.
"So…all you really want me to do is pose…but act natural?" I questioned, feeling a little stupid.
"No…no…act natural but be sexy…and do this…" The photographer said, as he began to mimic a pose.
"But…I wouldn't naturally do that, it looks a little uncomfortable." I said, noticing that he had his arms crossed, his legs spread at funny angles and his body weight leaned on one side.
"Um…than…uh…do this…" He said, changing the pose to something even more uncomfortable looking.
"How about not." I said, narrowing my eyes.
"Taylor! Don't be difficult." Isaac ground out between clenched teeth.
"I'm not, it's just he wants me to do ridiculous things." I said back.
"Just do it!" Isaac said seething.
"Fine!" I said, rolling my eyes.
"What was that last one?" I asked, sighing.
"Actually, forget that…I have a better idea…GIRLS!" The photographer called. My eyes must have bugged out of my head because suddenly, two scantily clad, silicone injected girls came out, smiling as if they hadn't a care in the world.
"Excuse me…" I began to say, extremely irritated.
"Now…Taylor…you move u here…Zac…Ike…you go back there…Vanessa…Tiffany…stand over near Taylor…put your hands here…" The photographer began to place everyone and I was getting angrier and angrier. He intended to keep Taylor's brothers all the way in the background while these two chipies were all over me or Taylor in the forefront.
"Okay…start playing with his hair…" The photographer said, picking up his camera again.
"Don't even think about it!" I hissed to both girls.
"Excuse me…but what do you think you're dong! What does this have to do with music or even the band in general! You have Isaac and Zac practically not even in the photo!" I said in a vicious tone as I pushed the girls away from me.

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