In the Absence of Faith

Believe in me
Cause I donít believe in anything
And I want to be somebody to believeÖ

Now, let me say one thing before I begin this little uh shall we say experimental venture into writing, hee hee hee. If anybody out there takes IPS in school, well, youíll understand when I say one day I got bored, and a bored fishie is one thing you donít want. And somehow I received the notion of killer squirrels. So with that said, I suppose you may now read this story, but remember, I was in a weird mood when this idea came to me, so uh, please excuse the fact that this probably will never happen, but hey, itís one hundred percent fiction so I can do whatever I want with those Hanson brothers. Lastly, I donít want any complaints about how descriptive I am in this story, cause well, if you understand the medical content contained within youíll realize that some people have had to live through this, and if you canít figure what the "this" is, then I suggest you spend some time in Encarta. Hmm, I rambled again, ha ha ha, the never-ending disclaimer, it keeps going and going and goingÖ

************************************************************************* Musical credit given to Counting Crows for "Mr. Jones."

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