Fate's Child

Chapter 12

We got home and I practically ran to the bathroom with the bag in hand.
“What’s wrong Phyl?” I could hear Taylor call from outside the bathroom door.
“N-Nothing.” I stammered. I could hear the girls come in and were talking amongst themselves.
“What!” I said angrily.
“Do you understand how to…”
“Hol, I think I can read directions! I’m not frickin’ illiterate okay!” I said angrily. I took the box out of the bag and opened it and looked at the directions.
“Oh god!” I said to myself.

I took the test and came out. I looked and could see the look on Taylor’s face was one of concern.
“Phyl, what’s going on?” He said and walked over to me. I sighed and looked up in his face.
“I took a test.” I said.
“A test?” He said with wide eyes.
“I think I may be…pregnant.” I answered.
“What.” He said with a look of fear on his face.
“Well, I haven’t checked the test yet…”
“I think it’s time as we speak. I’ll go check it Phyl.” Amanda said and went into the bathroom. In the matter of seconds, she came back and looked at me with no emotion to her face.
“So?” Taylor said, looking at her.
“You’re having a baby.” She smiled.
“You are?” He said and looked in my face.
“Uh…I guess.” I stuttered.
“THAT’S WONDERFUL!” He said and swung me in the air. He was actually crying he was so happy. I gulped hard and could feel myself start to smile.
“We’re having a baby.” I said. I looked up at Taylor and laughed.
“Oh god I love you.” He said and kissed me on the mouth. I closed my eyes tight trying to let it al sink in. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me. I was so young and considering the current situation, I didn’t know exactly how the child would be.
“Aren’t you happy?” Taylor said, looking me in the face.
“Uh…yeah it’s just…” I began to say.
“It’s just what?” He asked with concern.
“I mean, what kind of life could we give a child, seriously. I mean, we’re so young and we’re living in an apartment and…” I began to stammer. I found that I couldn’t look at him in the face.
“Plus…we don’t exactly know what the baby would be.” I said and looked down at the floor.
“What do you mean?” He asked and lifted my chin to meet his gaze.
“Taylor…it won’t be normal.” I said, crinkling my brow.
“There’s nothing wrong with that Phyl. We’ll teach it…”
“Taylor, I mean, it won’t be human or even mortal for that matter. It’ll have to live its life as a blood drinker. Explain to me how he can go to school like normal children when he’s…a vampire.” I said and looked up at him.
“It won’t go to school. We’ll teach it, homeschool it like I was…”
“Taylor…a child needs social interaction with other children…” I said and sighed.
“Your not thinking of not having the baby are you?” He said sternly.
“I…I don’t know…” I said and looked at the floor again.
“Phyl…if you’re afraid just tell me.” He said gently. I looked back up at him, letting myself well up.
“I’m more than afraid. I’m petrified. How could I ever be a mother…I don’t know what’s it like…you know…I’m young and I’ve never really experienced things…I…I don’t think a child should have me as a mother.” I said, letting a tear fall down my face.
“What! You would be a wonderful mother. Phyl…I know it’s scary, I’m a little afraid too but we can do this. I have faith in us.” He smiled. I looked up at him and smiled through tears. I wrapped my arms around his neck and embraced him.
“We will be good parents.” He whispered and kissed me on the cheek. I nodded and held onto him tighter.

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