Any Given Existence

Part 13 - "I AM IN HELL!"

“Taylor Hanson…welcome to your…well…so-called life.” The voice said. Taylor couldn’t even say anything. He felt his feet go out from underneath him. Suddenly a bright light lit up the storage room until Taylor felt blinded.
“AGHHH!” Taylor screamed. Suddenly, everything stopped and Taylor’s body hit the ground. He looked all around but all he could see was such an intense light that it hurt his eyes to look. He searched around but couldn’t see anything. The figure finally started to appear before him.
“WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!” Taylor screeched, scrambling to his feet.
“You did this to yourself. You don’t want to hear what I have to say so I have to show you!” The voice commanded.
“Now, if you look, you’ll understand.” The figure said. Taylor looked past the figure as it moved to the side and waited. He stood there, staring in shock as he saw himself and his family. He was about 10 years old and was talking with his family at the dinner table.
“What the…” Taylor mumbled.
“This is what you created.” The voice said and stared at him. Taylor looked up into the green eyes staring back at him.
“I created?” Taylor questioned.
“How can I put this my Taylor…you do not exist.” The voice said in a saddened voice.
“Excuse me?” Taylor asked, not believing what he had heard.
“You…Jordan Taylor Hanson, do not exist. This whole life you have created. It isn’t real.” The figure said, putting a hand on his shoulder.
“Am…Am I dead?” Taylor asked, stuttering.
“Am I in my own personal hell?” Taylor added.
“You aren’t dead. You can’t be dead if you were never alive.” The voice said.
“How…How…” Taylor stuttered, letting the tears well in his eyes.
“This is what life is REALLY like.” The figure said, directing Taylor’s attention to the vision before him. He could see his family all standing there, waiting to take a family photo and he wasn’t there.
“Where…where am I?” Taylor questioned.
“I told you…this is what is REALLY happening. These are the people that REALLY exist.” The voice said trying not to sound harsh.
“ I AM IN HELL!” Taylor screamed letting the tears flow down his face.
“There is no group called Hanson. There is no Taylor Hanson.” The figure said. It moved towards him. Taylor backed away, trying to ward off the figure.
“This…this isn’t real. I’m just imagining this! Wake up Taylor! OH GOD WAKE UP!” He screamed at himself and shrank down. The figure came over to him and took his hand. Taylor stared into the green eyes. He sobbed, not wanting to believe it. The figure gently took him and cradled him in their arms as he sobbed and cried.
“You needed to know the truth.” The voice sounded in his ear in a whisper. It held him tighter and actually started to cry with him.
“My Taylor…”

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