All Hallow's Eve

By Cindy

Some say that on All Hallow's Eve when the moon is round werewolves roam the land... Don't believe it? Let me tell you a story.

Our story begins on All Hallows Eve as a young man sits playing music with his two brothers. As the time passes, he begins to feel worse and worse until he is ablsolutely miserable.
In between playing, his older brother Isaac looked at him, "Hey man, are you alright?" he asked concerned.
The young man, now sweaty and red-faced looked pityfully up at him, "Not really man. I don't feel so good. I think I'm gonna go outside and get some fresh air. It's so hot in here."
With that, the young man stood up and walked out to the back porch to get a breath of fresh, cool air. Once out there, he leaned his back against the house as he wiped his hand over his sweat covered face.
"What's wrong with me?" he thought.
Just then, he glanced up to the full moon and remarkable sensation passed though him. The full moon seemed to be making all his misery melt away. However, it was only teasing him for at that moment a powerful ripping sensation ran through his body causing him to yell out in sheer agony. He grabbed his stomach as his knees buckled and flung him to the ground.
"Oh God! What's happening to me?" he said with so much fear and misery. He noticed that suddenly his body began to undergo a physical change.
"Oh God! Help me!" he yelled as a powerful dizziness overcame him and brought him to total darkness.

The young man's brothers had heard the commotion and saw fit to check on their brother. His younger brother Zac was the first one to the door. He stopped when he heard a fierce growling noise come from outside.
"Taylor?" he said, now scared for his brother. He heard the growling again. Slowly, he moved to the door and opened it seeing a large figure hunched over.
"Taylor?" he said again. Just then, the figure lunged at Zac causing him to yell out.
Isaac came into the kitchen just in time to see a large wolf-like creature tackle his little brother.
"Zac!" he yelled.
The creature then looked up and lunged at Isaac. Zac panicked as he saw his brother fighting the wild, crazed beast. He remembered that animals were scared of loud noises so he ran to one of the drawers and pulled out some firecrackers left over from the Fourth of July, threw them in a pan and lit a match. He threw the match in the pan and slid it over to where the beast was fighting his brother. The firecrackers went of causing the creature to let out a painful howl and run out of the door and into the woods behind their house.
"Ike!" Zac yelled as he ran to his brother.
Isaac sat up slowly.
"Isaac are you alright?" Zac asked, full of panic.
"Yeah," Isaac answered, winded, "I'm ok."
"Isaac what about Taylor!? He went outside remember!?" Zac screamed, scared for his older brother.
Isaac suddenly jumped up, "Tay!" he called.
He and Zac searched for their brother but found nothing until Zac looked down and saw mangled pieces of material next to the porch. Upon closer inspection, he saw a small cross necklace. It was Taylor's.
"Oh my gosh! Isaac!" Zac yelled out in terror, "It got Taylor! That thing got Tay!"
Isaac came over and saw what Zac was looking at. He refused to give up though. He yelled and yelled for his brother as the night sky darkened as clouds covered the full moon.

Deep in the woods, a young man sat on his hands and knees, dirty, naked, and terrified beyond belief. What was he doing out there? The area around him began to brighten as he looked up. The clouds moved away revealing the full moon once again. The young man stared at it, completely entranced. That same wonderful feeling passed though his body once again. He held his hand up as if trying to take hold of the full moon. He watched as his arm began to transform right before his eyes. It did not hurt this time, however. Rather, it was a feeling like no other. Not exactly wonderful. Not exactly horrible. Just completly indescibable.
Within moments, his body was no longer that of a human form but that of a wolf. He did not blackout this time either but rather began to experience a feeling like he never had before. The feeling of a wild animal on the lose. The feeling of a wild animal on the hunt. He had no control of his body but instead just relaxed and enjoyed the sensation as his beast within showed him a whole new life. He ran through the dark woods as he let out a howl of sheer joy. He was happy. He did not understand why, but he was happy. He was free. What kind of experiences lay ahead in this new life? Only time would tell and he couldn't wait to find out.

Isaac and Zac never found their brother but everytime there is a full moon, they hear the dreaded howl of the beast they know is still out there. The beast that took their brother away. Even though they feared the full moon they also looked forward to it because on those nights, they could swear that they felt Taylor's presence. It was almost like he was watching over them, yet they could not see him. Not a day went by when they did not think of their beloved brother and the night that vicous beast broke into their lives. Was it all real? Would they ever find out what became of their brother? They may never know.

So for all of you who don't believe that on All Hallow's Eve when the moon is round, werewolves roam the land, still a non-believer? In that case, the next time the moon is round on All Hallow's Eve, walk deep in the woods. Just remember to look behind you. You'll be safe, as long as it's not feeding time.

The End

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