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This page is where I will display all your art that you send me! Just email your artwork to me as a attachment! Plus add a little info about yourself, like your name, age and where you come from, ect...! Your Art work will be displayed here! Send me some now and show off your Hanson masterpieces!


Please note that when emailing artwork to me that you put in the subject line of the email: Hanson Fan Artwork!

This artwork was done by Valerie. She has a great sense of line and shadow that she puts to her artwork. She captures the likeness of her subjects perfectly! Keep up the great work Valerie!

Valerie's Artwork

Just click on the images to see a larger view!

Isaac by Valerie Taylor by Valerie Zac by Valerie

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*Please Note: I have no connections with Hanson, or Hanson's Label. All art on this page is for enjoyment purposes only! No Art can be sold in Hanson's name! The art is mine! You may not copy it without my permission!! Please ask first!! Okay? Thanks!!